Check out Google Pixel 3’s Bezel Less Design & Super Cool Camera Features which can scan Business Cards Automatically

Even though the launching date of Google Pixel 3 is on October 9, its marketing videos and images have been leaked already. A recently leaked video of Google Pixel 3 has revealed its stunning bezel-less design along with a super cool camera feature!

The upcoming Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones are going to be capable of scanning any email address from the business cards as quickly as perfectly. The best part is, it will scan the email address details without even clicking a picture, isn’t it interesting? If you are aware of Google Lens app, then you already know about this feature where Google Lens App users can directly save any contact information or email address by clicking a photo.

How can it save contact information or email address details with taking a photo? It’s actually capable of scanning the contact information or email address which is printed over the business card. Not only this, after scanning, Google Pixel 3 will directly open the email app in it. This amazing feature is not just interesting for many users but relevant as well.

With powerful Android Pie OS, the camera scanning feature is adding an extra edge to the upcoming smartphone. Other than that, Google Pixel 3 has many cool features as well like Active Edge feature for launching the Google Assistant directly. So, if you want to get your own Google Pixel 3, then you have to wait till October 9!