10 China Sourcing Agents – Making it Easier for You to Ship From China

The rules for sourcing your items to specific countries can get rather convoluted. Sometimes you may need to clear only barebones requirements while in other cases you need unique contracts with other companies. When it comes to shipping items from China, the interactions will have to be done through source agents. That is why we are covering the best possible ones for you to get used to when searching for a way to ship from China.

Why do I need a sourcing agent?

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For those who are looking to import from china, especially for those seeking to import a wide array of products, a sourcing agent is a must. Firstly, employing a sourcing agent will assist you in reaching different suppliers of these items with minimal work. They can also assist in cutting down the time needed to find high-quality products no matter what the product may be.

These traits are especially important for those who are in no position to survey the items being shipped in person. Even a simple trip to check out the batch that’s supposed to be shipped to us can be a huge drain on both time and resources.

You should also consider what the sourcing agent specializes in. Find one that fits your needs and the areas that concern your purchases.

1. JustChinaIt

The first sourcing company on our list is JustChinaIt. This China sourcing agent has 11 years of experience with its sourcing engagements! They are the top China sourcing company. It is a Guangzhou sourcing agent that has accumulated a name for itself for its safe and on-time delivery, no matter the engagement. They are known to offer more competitive prices for top-quality results.

You can get additional support in the form of their data analysis which can help you decrease cost while increasing returns. Basically, you are getting free enhancement of your business.

2. Imex Sourcing

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Another Guangzhou sourcing agent, this one with similarly great showcase of quality. This sourcing agent is part of the company called Imex liaisons, which gives it even more backbone in terms of reliability. The company focuses on bringing the experience of surveying products as close to its customers as possible. With the use of online portals, they allow customers to revise their orders and keep a quick track of them.

The agents themselves provide a multitude of useful information that can assist in reinforcing the quality of the suppliers you consider employing. They will provide you with a very detailed list of products, quality inspection, maintenance, and all the other engagements taken with the supplier and the shipment itself.

3. Quik Sourcing

As far as Quik Sourcing is concerned, the client’s convenience is key. This also includes them focusing on finding the best prices for your supplies. You can get some extremely good boons with their engagement which can result in great amount of saving over a longer period of time.

No matter whether it’s your first time working with sourcing agents in China or if you have engaged with them before, you’ll definitely find what you are looking for right here.

4. Meeno Group

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The next outsourcing agent is based in Yiwu. They have decent offers to give to both domestic and foreign clients that work with them.

The focus of Meeno Group is on the way their procedure works. The goal of the said procedure is to guarantee great satisfaction to just about any client they engage with. Don’t worry about any concerns you got because the agent will deal with them for you.

They are great at responding to changing requirements from clients. You can’t underestimate the usefulness of flexibility when dealing with orders like these.

5. Sourcing Bro

The best way to engage with Shenzhen-based companies would be true a sourcing agent based there which is exactly a niche Sourcing Bro covers.

This business covers anything from small to large products. They will make sure every delivery you place is handled with utmost safety. Safety is probably the most important part of the whole buying experience. Peace of mind cannot be compared to any other factor of the purchase.

Sourcing Bro is also a company that is quick to respond. Do not worry, even if you have a need to change something up you’ll have an easy time getting the changes accounted for.

Simply throw a call to Sourcing Bro and get those changes accounted for in no time. Of course, they are keen on responding to calls fast no matter the time of day which is what makes them even more reliable.

6. Dragon Sourcing

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With Dragon Sourcing, you’ll be engaging a sourcing agent with a multitude of presently active offices. They are present in the United States, Kenya, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, and plenty of other places which are common stops for worldwide trade.

Even throughout China, Dragon Sourcing has multiple locations with offices in them. These include Shanghai and Hong Kong, that way you know they are fit for both internal and external deliveries.

The wide presence of the market is the best benefit of Dragon Sourcing so you can rest assured the widest presence will be available to you no matter the requirements you got.

7. Keen Sourcing

These sourcing agents are great for overseas clients and will make sure to comply with any desire their clientele has. Do not worry about expertise either because they are extremely dedicated to it as well. They are always pursuing the best deals and compliance with customs regulations.

The quality control of items being shipped to you is another point of concern focused on by Keen Sourcing. The inspection of these items is consistent throughout and won’t leave you wanting.

8. Import Dojo

Source: importdojo.com

As far as coverage of European areas with the outsourcing from China goes, Import Dojo is there to provide.

These outsourcing agents have worked with a lot of notable companies beforehand. These include Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, as well as many other companies.

The whole list is far larger but these are just a few examples. We mention Amazon specifically because it is a company that gets the most use out of Import Dojo. All Amazon sellers get a chance to engage easily with items sourced from China.

9. Chick Sourcing

The sourcing agent Chick Sourcing presents itself as the Ambassador of Shenzhen. It may be considered to fill out such a hefty title with the available benefits it offers.

They will find a factory for you for a really small fee, do the purchase, control the whole process, and arrange shipping. That way your entire business will be ordered quickly.

10. Made in China Sourcing

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While it may not be as extravagant as some of the other entries on this, list, this sourcing agent is on time, on point, and on budget. They will make sure to stick to your instructions.

Made in China Sourcing will take care of all the logistics and concerns so that you can have an easy time during orders.