How to Choose the Best Online Casino to Play

A real casino online has enough features to keep you engaged and spending your real money. To achieve your dream of winning big from the casino, you need to find the best deals. This starts from selecting a legitimate and trustworthy casino to play.

When a casino is licensed, you can be sure that your funds and private information are safe, their online machines are working effectively, and you will be able to cash out your winnings without hassle.

You should also claim only the best bonuses at the casino. These are bonuses that offer you high returns on your real money at fair wagering conditions.

Most importantly, select highly profitable games. These are mainly games that offer you the best odds and great chances of winning. Some of these games include Blackjack, Poker, and Roulette.

However, if your online slots are your thing, you should go for progressive jackpots. Although some of them are highly volatile, they offer great maximum prizes to boost your bankroll significantly.

Searching for a top-notch online casino can be some of the most challenging shopping you’ll ever do. After all, there are thousands of casino sites to choose from, and all online casinos are not created equal.

But we’ve assembled a handy checklist of things to look for in the best online casinos. It should save you hours in your quest.

Welcome Bonus


Bonuses and rewards are features that internet casinos use to attract customers, and the Welcome Bonus is the thing that gets you in the door.

The best welcome bonus is the one that suits you and your style of play best. Take into consideration how much time and money you think you will spend in a casino. Then look at the bonus and how much you will have to play to achieve the requirement the casino sets for withdrawing money.

The bonuses usually match your deposit by 100% or more, but you can get in with as little as a $10 deposit. The top minimum deposit casinos offer bonus requirements (playthrough) of 35 times or less. For instance, if you deposit $10 with a 100% matching bonus, you get $20 to play with. A 35x playthrough requirement means you will have to make a total of $700 in bets (35 x 20 = 700) to be eligible to withdraw money.

Websites such as list top online casinos that have lucrative bonuses and fair requirements.



Not all players get to find great deals and have a successful run at the casino. After losing their bankroll at the casino, it is common for these players to claim that online casino’s rig or tamper with their games. How accurate is this assertion? Are online slots rigged? Let’s find out below.

You want to make sure that a casino protects the information and money you entrust in them. Here are things to look for:

  • Licensing – The best online casinos have licenses in jurisdictions known for ensuring player protection. Check out where the casino is licensed and what kind of reputation it has.
  • Encryption – A good casino should offer an encrypted protection level as safe as your bank’s. The standard is 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layering). Check the casino’s Privacy or Security section to see what they promise.
  • Fraud Protection – The measures a casino uses to keep internet invaders from using your information are essential. Check the verification procedures they use for deposits and withdrawals. Their Terms section often explains this and other pertinent information.

Deposit Options


“What’s in your pocket?” the TV ad asks. That applies here. Think about the payment system you want to use, and see if the casino has it. You might also consider using a separate account for gambling. Most casinos offer a good variety of payment systems, including these:

  • Credit Cards – Almost all casinos accept Visa and MasterCard payments, and it is easy to find those with American Express and Discover options, too.
  • Gift Cards – Often, if an online casino accepts a credit card, they’ll also take a gift card under the same brand. Gift cards are good because you have a set amount to gamble with.
  • E-Checks – Many casinos will accept electronic payments from your bank account. If you can find a casino that uses bank transfers for deposits and withdrawals, it may be the way to go because you only use one set of numbers.

Check to see which systems charge fees and if the casino tacks on an extra cost.

Make sure to consider withdrawal methods, the fees there, and how long it will take to get your money.

Find Games with a Low House Edge


Casinos make money from the house edge games. So, you want to find games with as slim a house edge as possible. Here are two games to consider:

  • Video Poker – This is a simple five-card draw game; you put in coins, get five cards and choose which ones to keep. Your winnings depend on the rank of your hand. The house edge is less than 1%, and a good strategy will often have you coming out on top.
  • Craps – This dice game seems complex to many, but it doesn’t take long to learn a simple strategy. If you get “on a roll,” your winnings build and build. That’s why the house edge is razor-thin.


Finding the best deals is crucial if you want to make your play at the casino a successful one. The best way to achieve that is to claim the best casino bonuses and play highly profitable games.

Casinos do not rig their games because it is in their best interest not to do so. However, play only at trusted and legitimate casinos to ensure an overall secure gambling experience.

The right online casino can bring you endless hours of fun, no matter what kind of budget you are on. You’ll be surprised at how long you can play with just a minimum deposit. And with today’s mobile technology, you can carry that fun with you anywhere there is internet access. If you spend a little time checking out sites, you can be playing real money casino games in no time.