How to Choose The Perfect Wig Color to Match Your Skin Tone

After years and years of going to stylists and fashion advisers, the time has come when each one of us can easily find and get everything we need on our own. The same is with wigs, and even though wigs exist for centuries, the modern types simply cannot compare even to those from just a decade ago, as modern wigs are much more realistic as they look and feel like real hair.

Now, picking the best wig can be daunting since there are plenty of wig solutions, and one can get easily confused by all of that. Of course, finding the one doesn’t have to be a nightmare, and one can easily manage to do so because the only thing needed is to know what and where to look for.

The first and most important thing is to find the one that matches your skin tone, and even though this may sound like an easy thing, those who have done it before are aware of how difficult it can be. Don’t believe us? Well, let’s check some facts, and by the end of the article, you will realize how difficult this can be but also get some answers on how to make buying a wig that matches your skin tone much easier.

Recognizing the skin tone


We cannot find the balance between the wig and skin tone if we do not identify it first, and that is the first step in our search for the ideal wig. It may look complex because we all know that there are many skin tones and types, and there are no two persons with the same skin in the world, but luckily there are some tips that can be helpful.

First, we need to understand what skin tone is, and the simplest way to explain it is to tell that it is the pigment of our skin and its temperature. Are you still troubled with too many terms? Let’s say that regarding skin tone parameters, people around the world are divided into those who have a cold and those who have warm tones. Another thing that can confuse us is undertones, and it is enough to understand that cool skin has pink, violet, or blue, and warm one has peachy, yellow, and red.

If you are one of those people who are not into fashion that much but still need a wig that will absolutely fit, the best way to find out your skin tone is to visit a professionalist. By professionalist, we mean makeup artist who will recognize the skin tone at the moment they see you, or even easier, the hairdresser who will know which shade of the wig to recommend. Another way is to check if the veins on your wrist look green or blue, and if they are blue, the undertone is cold, and if they are green, it is warm.

Ask the professionals


One piece of advice that never gets old is to consult professionals. As mentioned above, in case of any uncertainty, don’t just make a random guess and hope for the best because there are too many variables that you need to take into count. Yes, we understand that the offer is vast, and one can easily get confused when picking one, but worry no more as after reading this, you will know precisely what to do and how to pick the wig that will suit you the most. The other fact you should know is that you can always try some wig on, see how it looks, whether it matches the skin tone, and if not, just try another one.



If one needs some regular wig color for everyday use, which will look like real hair on their head, the best choice is some blonde or ashy wig. The options are numerous, from beige, cool blonde, honey to ashy brown and gray, and all of them look amazing with cold skin tones because they neutralize them and give us a fresh look.

The blue hair tone from ashy shades complements perfectly rosy chicks, and on the other side, the blue skin undertone complements honey and caramel tones. Purple and red are perfect colors for those people who have more courage and want to be noticed since they will perfectly fit and help them stand out from a crowd in every situation. The problem can occur if the person has too bright skin and does not know which wig color to pair to it, but if you are one of those people, do not despair because there is a perfect match for everyone.

The best solution in that situation is to use wigs with an ombre, balayage, or highlighted ones because they will highlight eyes and lips and complement with skin which will prevent it from looking too bright. There are still too many options and different colors to choose from, so take time and find the perfect one. Remember, the more time you spend picking the right one, the more satisfied and happy will you feel, so pick carefully.

To summarize

The best way for someone to change their appearance and in a noticeable way is to choose a wig of another color, as even a small change can do wonders confidence-wise, not to mention what something as big as changing the hair color can do. With this guidance, finding a wig that matches your skin tone should now be much easier. Furthermore, why stop there, and why not match it with the color of your eyes?

The options are numerous, but in most cases, the solution is simple, and if it matches your skin tone and you like how it suits you, just buy it, as the most important thing is to feel free, comfortable, and like the best version of yourself. For those who still don’t feel as confident and are in need of more advice and guidance, just check, as here, you will find all the info you may need along with a great wig offer.