2023 Tips for Choosing Bridesmaids Dresses

Finding that perfect dress to compliment your wedding, bridesmaids and your frock is no easy task – every single bride on the face of the planet will tell you this! However difficult it might be, it’s not impossible. There are a few tips to follow that are going to make sure you end up with a dress that you and your bridal party love. Follow these nifty pointers to make your hunt as fast and pain-free as possible…

Keep an open dialogue

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The key to appeasing every single one of your bridesmaids is definitely just keeping an open dialogue from the very beginning. If one of your girls doesn’t feel heard, she’s probably going to resent the choice, whatever it might be. So, organize a lunch and get chatting about what everyone feels good in. You’ll discover your bridal party’s preferences, shape difficulties, coloring and you’ll even get informed on what makes them feel uncomfortable or unflattered. You can note these factors down and use them as references on the hunt to make sure that every height, body shape, size and skin tone is catered for.

Take a look at your budget

Once you’ve listened and learned, it’s time to crunch those numbers. You’re not getting far without a budget, so you’ll need to be exact here – even if you’re sick and tired of looking at your wedding expenses! By no means do you have to spend a huge amount of money on dresses, but you should be reasonable with allocating some funds here to make sure your bridal party is looking as good as possible. Talk to your bridesmaids to see if they’re at all willing to chip in, if you wind up picking something that’s classic, they might even be happy to purchase their own! Be transparent and attentive with your figures and money won’t become an issue down the line.

Decide early on

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As your big day edges closer and closer, new issues, tasks, and expenses tend to crop up. By starting the hunt for your bridesmaid’s dresses nice and early, you’re avoiding yet another stress close to your wedding date. Think nine to six months before to do a favor for your future self. Basically, once you’re decided on a theme and what your wedding dress is going to look like, you can start hunting with abandon!

Put your foot down

At the end of the day, what the bride says goes – you need to feel comfortable enforcing this if you run into any conflict or difficulties during your dress shopping process. Establish your voice straight away by giving your bridesmaids dress options to choose from, instead of encouraging them to bring their own suggestions to the table. This will lessen the chance of disagreement, just thanks to the limited number of choices people have to pick from!

Open your mind up to creative solutions

Image source: irishnews.com

Not everyone’s journey to the perfect bridesmaid’s dress is going to be straight forward, avoid getting too frustrated by keeping yourself open to a couple of creative solutions. Anofficial.com suggests considering opting for different dress styles all in the same tone, the same style with different length hems or mix and match bridesmaid dresses to really stir things up. There’s never a one size fits all solution, and the sooner you get comfortable with these options the better and easier your search is going to be.

Follow these pointers and you’re sure to find that dream bridal party dress! Always remember to try to relax, keep the conversation open and remind yourself that this is your day.