6 Tips for Choosing the Right Sports Betting Site

by Mitov Mitrovski

With sports betting now fully back, we have hundreds of betting options that will satisfy your needs for winning some money. But to do that, you need to find the right site that will enable it.

Luckily for you, there are hundreds if not thousands of sports betting sites all fighting for your attention. Unfortunately for you, the thousands of options make it pretty hard to choose the right one.

But this is where we come into play. Instead of doing all the research on your own, we decided to tell you exactly what to look for.

With all that said, here are our 6 tips for choosing the right sports betting site. Without further ado, let’s start.

1.  Always Go For A Trusted Site

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The number one rule for choosing the right site is always to go for a trusted one. Luckily for you, regulations exist that determine how a betting service can be considered as a trusted service.

Namely, each country has its regulations but the vast majority issue some sort of certificate. This certificate is, in essence, a gambling license that needs to be obtained and displayed somewhere on the website.

The most common place includes the footer (the bottom section of the website) and some might even have a specific page for it.

Whenever you find a website that you like, simply look for this license. If you find it, don’t deposit any money just yet as there are other things we need to discuss. But if you cannot find a gambling license then avoid the service altogether.

2.  Look For Deals and Promotions

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If you really want to make the most out of your sports betting experience, then the service will certainly do that. Most services offer new customers deals and promotions that make their experience on the site very pleasant.

Deals and promotions come in many shapes and sizes. The vast majority come in the form of “free bets”. This is when a site will offer you X amount of money to deposit and bet on upcoming matches. The offer goes like this, if you lose the bet then you get your money back. If you win the bet, then you win some money.

It’s a win-win situation and one that works for everyone.

Other forms of these deals and promotions come in the form of “extra bets”. While these can be found under different names, the thing is you get the same amount you deposit in the form of extra bets.

For example, if you deposit $20 and it to bet on upcoming matches, the service will give you another $20 to bet as well.

Look out for these deals and promotions as they really make it worth your time. One sports betting service that has plenty of deals and promotions for new users is ufakicks.

3.  Understand How the Website Works

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It’s safe to say that user experience plays a vital role in making sure that customers manage to get their way around their website.

However, not every service focuses on providing the user with the best possible experience. There are plenty of sites that have terrible UX that makes navigation as hard as steering a sheep in high waters.

Thus, you really need to understand how the site works to be able to place a bet and enjoy the game. You should also look out for features that greatly increase your experience.

These features can be anything imaginable. It can come in the form of easy navigation, easy depositing, safety rules, and tons of more.

Before making an account with a sports betting site, make sure to take a tour of the thing and determine whether or not it works for you.

4.  Always Read Reviews

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Reviews are the only thing that keeps the internet as a whole.

If your business has poor reviews, then no one will likely do business with you. Thus, website owners really focus on providing the best possible experience.

And sports betting services are no different. There are very few sites with negative reviews. The only ones seem to be the ones that either don’t have a gambling license or are generally terrible at their job.

Finding reviews is generally easy and very straightforward. You put the site name into Google and write “Review” next to it. Once you do that, Google will recommend the best searches that will provide your issue with a solution.

Open one of these and do a thorough analysis to determine whether the service is good or bad for you.

5.  Mobile Optimization

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Most people use their phones whenever browsing the internet. As a matter of fact, nearly 65% of all Google Searches in 2018 were from mobile users.

This means that websites really need to focus on more mobile-first-approach. Whenever browsing sports betting sites and assessing your options, look out for this feature.

It is very important that you can do all of your betting duties from your smartphone, and not having to open your laptop. Mobile optimization sets aside the professionals and the god-awful ones.

Always keep in mind that this feature can make or break your sports betting experience.

6.  Customer Service

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And lastly, we come to the topic of customer service. This is also highly important as issues can occur that need swift resolution. With that said, a service that has an excellent customer support and one that can be reached in a matter of minutes is something that you should always focus on, among other features.

Customer service can break or make your experience while betting and can prevent deal-breaking errors.

Always make sure that the site you’re using has quality customer service and can be reached in more than one way.


There are countless other features and things to look for when choosing the right sports betting service. These are, based on our opinion, the most important ones that can heavily impact your experience on the website. We’ve made this list not in a way of importance, but all 6 are equally important to focus on.

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