5 Classic and Easy Cocktail Recipes Every Home Bartender Should Master

Are you in the mood for a nice cocktail, but you have no inspiration? With these 5 delicious and classic cocktail recipes, you are always in the right place. Plus, they are easy cocktails to make. Enjoy!

Tequila Sunrise

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Do you like Tequila? Then the cocktail Tequila Sunrise is highly recommended for you. It is a delicious, spicy cocktail and has Tequila as a great source. If you like a cocktail, it would be a good idea to make your own. The result will certainly be there! The cocktail is prepared in minutes and you can enjoy it quickly.Tequila Sunrise

• 50 milliliters Tequila
• 15 milliliters grenadine
• 125 milliliters orange juice
• 3 to 4 ice cubes
• Slice of orange


The orange juice should be well chilled. So put it in the fridge so that it gets cold. You can put the ice cubes, the Tequila and the orange juice in the shaker. Of course you can also put the ice cubes in the glass yourself and pour them over if you don’t have a shaker. If you choose to do it with a shaker, you can pour the whole thing into a highball glass through some sea water. Then put the grenadine in the middle of the glass. That will drop to the bottom of the glass. That will provide the image of the sunrise. You can’t stir anymore. The orange slice can be placed on the rim of the glass. Serve the cocktail with two straws.

Tequila Sunrise tips

You can of course stick to the prescribed recipe, but it can also be very tasty to add ingredients yourself or to replace some. That can give a surprising effect to the taste of the cocktail. Of course, a beautiful decoration should not be missing at Tequila Sunrise. It is a spicy cocktail that can be nicely dressed!

White Lady

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Do you feel like a delicious cocktail and do you want to make it yourself? Then choose the White lady. It is a cocktail that has gin, lemon juice and egg white as the main ingredients. It is a surprising cocktail that will taste good on everyone. It may take some getting used to the taste. But when you drink the cocktail more often, you will not want anything else. It’s a cocktail for the real gourmet.White lady

• Grenadine sugar
• 2 centiliters of gin
• 1 centilitre cointreau
• 1 centilitre lemon juice
• 1/2 beaten egg white
• ice cubes


When you are going to make White Lady, it is important that the glass is cold. Then put it in the fridge for about 15 minutes. Then the glass with the opening can be pushed into the grenadine sugar. Because the glass is cold, the sugar will stick to the rim of the glass. Then all the ingredients can be put in the glass. The egg white should be added last. The drink should be shaken vigorously and the egg whites should be beaten to foam. Then grab a cocktail glass and pour it in. Don’t forget to use the strainer. You can garnish the cocktail with a lemon and put a few straws in it.

White lady tips

You can play around with the ingredients a bit. You can add ingredients to the cocktail yourself or leave them out. There’s no harm in experimenting, you can even grow an optimal White Lady to your liking. It can be great fun to gain new insights.

Sex on the beach

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Do you want to make a delicious cocktail yourself? Then choose Sex on the beach. This is a very popular cocktail that is often drunk by many people. It is wonderful to drink the cocktail on a hot summer day. The cocktail consists of a number of different fruit juices with vodka and peach tree. It is a delicious combination that will provide ideal refreshment. The cocktail is also easy to make yourself in the kitchen, so you can also enjoy the cocktail at home. It is very nice to serve the cocktail on a hot summer day. It will provide good refreshment and it is a perfect thirst quencher.

• 30 milliliters of vodka
• 30 milliliters peach tree
• cranberry juice
• Orange juice
• grapefruit juice
• ice cubes


Sex on the beach is a cocktail that you can easily make. Take a large and suitable glass and put some ice cubes in it. Then you can pour the Vodka over it. Do the same with the peach tree. Then the cocktail can be supplemented with orange juice and the other two fruit juices. You can garnish with a slice of lemon. Of course, two straws should not be missing. When the cocktail is ready, it’s time to enjoy!

Sex on the beach tips

You can of course also add all kinds of other fruit juices to the cocktail. Maybe you want to use one specific juice, that is of course quite possible. You can add all kinds of insights to the cocktail. This way you can come up with an ideal cocktail. You can also spice up the cocktail with all kinds of decorations, such as a small umbrella.


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Looking for a cocktail that you can make yourself, but that is slightly different from the rest? Then choose Cosmopolitan. It is a surprising but delicious cocktail that you can prepare yourself. Those cocktails are based on cranberry juice and Cointreau with vodka. It is a delicious mix that can be a nice refreshment on a hot summer day. You can also make the cocktail yourself in the kitchen. This allows you to let several people enjoy the cocktail that you have made yourself.

• 25 milliliters of vodka
• 15 milliliters Bols Triple Sec
• 5 milliliters lime juices
• 30 milliliters cranberry juice, slightly sweetened
• ice cubes


Of course you need a traditional cocktail glass to pour everything into. You can use a shaker to shake all the ingredients well. But of course you can also do it without a shaker. First put the ice cubes in the glass and cover the ice cubes with all the ingredients. Add a couple of straws and the cocktail will be ready to drink. A slice of lemon on the rim of the glass can also be very tasty. It is very easy to prepare this cocktail and it will only take you five minutes of your time.

Cosmopolitan tips

Maybe you have a great idea to make the cocktail even more delicious. Then don’t miss this idea and try it out. Maybe it gives a surprisingly nice effect to the taste of the cocktail. Serve the cocktail on a warm summer day when there are visitors. The cocktail is very tasty and will appeal to everyone. It is a wonderful refreshment on a hot day.


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It’s warm outside and you could use a refreshment. Then choose to make a Mojito. A Mojito is a very well-known cocktail that is drunk by many people in warm weather. You can also make a Mojito from scratch, it only takes five minutes of your time. A homemade cocktail is very tasty and a Mojito is highly recommended. The cocktail is based on white rum with sparkling water. Some Lime, cane sugar and mint have been added to create the perfect taste.Mojito

White rum (60 milliliters)
Cane sugar or sugar syrup (2 tablespoons)
sprig of mint
Sparkling water (30 milliliters)


If you are going to make the Mojito cocktail, you should use a long drink glass. It is then useful to opt for a sturdy glass, since you have to pound a lot while mixing. First, put the sugar in the glass along with the lime wedges. Then mash it with a muddler. Then the white rum can be added. Then stir the cocktail well and add sparkling water and crushed ice. The cocktail can be garnished with a sprig of mint and a slice of lime. Don’t forget to finish the cocktail nicely with a straw and some other decorations.

Mojito tips

Also try a variation on the Mojito. For example, you can opt for a Mojito with strawberry. This is a very famous cocktail that is drunk by many people. Strawberries are then added to the cocktail. Of course you can also add other ingredients to the cocktail so that you can make your own Mojito. It’s a lot of fun to experiment with ingredients.

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