Navratri – Nine nights pledged to Goddess Durga

Hinduism has since ages considered the female aspect of God and worships it as dedicatedly as any male God.  Shakti, also known as Devi or Durga, is the personification of feminine power. Navratri (Nav- nine; ratri- nights), commences on the first day of the Ashwin month (September – October) of Hindu calendar and ends on … Read more

Mind-boggling expensive things owned by the richest actor in the world – Shah Rukh Khan and his better half- Gauri Khan

As of 2018, with an estimate of $750 million (approx 55,66,91,25,000INR), Shah Rukh Khan is hailed as the richest actor in the world. The total wealth is owned by both Shah Rukh and his wife Gauri. Gauri is a film producer and an interior designer. Here are some absurdly extravagant things owned this couple. Mannat … Read more

POSH Act – an attempt to prevent sexual harassment of women at workplace

Recently, the Femina Miss India Universe 2004 winner and former actress Tanushree Dutta came out publicly and shared about her tribulation that happened a decade ago. She claims to have been sexually harassed while filming a movie by her co-actor. Thanks to her, the most famed #Metoo movement from the west is now gaining momentum … Read more