Why is the Comporta Coastline in Portugal Is A Great Place to Build A Summer Home?

The wild landscape surrounding Herdade da Comporta includes white pristine beaches, rice fields, birdlife, pine forests, and creeks. This is the key reason that Jose Manuel was attracted to Comporta from his boat. The village was deserted except for a few paddy fields and villagers residing in huts.

In 1956, he purchased 12,500 acres of land, and his family-owned this vast area until 2014. In this modern era, you will find Comporta as a cluster of tiny villages. They are popular as ‘Western Europe’s Hamptons’. There is an abundance of wildlife you can see around the marine including flamingos, herons, dolphins, and storks.

The appealing feature of Comporta is its rice fields spread across a vast area and are crisscrossed by many irrigation canals. In Portugal, Comporta village has the largest rice paddies extending towards the dunes that border the coastline beaches. The rice crops colors and sketches the countryside, which transforms when April and May arrive. The rice fields get transformed into watery mirrors, which reflect the surrounding nature. There are several reasons to choose a property in Comporta as a summer sanctuary.

Housing charms

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Globally famous architects also discovered their creative inspiration like Miguel Cancio Martins, a Portuguese architect. He launched a new village development in the village Quinta da Comporta. The 73 units include townhouses, suites, and rooms. Carvalhal is a neighboring town, where new housing construction is launched including villas and apartments. If you are interested in property visit livingportugalproperty.com, to learn more about the available plots.

Several charming homes look like fishermen’s shacks built in clusters. The small cabanas are low built and have window frames with cobalt-blue shutters. The cabanas are designed from pine woods obtained from the local forests. They are lined and packed tightly with the grass vines from the waterside. There are no high walls or gates around the cottages but sandy tracks joining one log cabin to another.

Popular architect Philippe Starck has also designed some houses in the same Comporta style but included luxury amenities. It is a type of residence, where barefoot and hippie-type people enjoy hanging out.

Laid-down lifestyle

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The place gives visitors the feel of a raw and fresh sanctuary. People visit here to stay anonymous, especially celebrities. The conservation laws of the country have maintained the near-to-pristine state of this region. Popular boldfaces like Madonna, Jacques Granges, Christian Louboutin, and more have taken refuge in this summer oasis. Jason Martin is a British painter that got inspired by the raw landscape and bought a studio for creating artworks.


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The charm of Comporta lies in its fostered past. Today also it looks closely the same as it used to five decades ago as its major buildings are renovated and opened for tourism that influences the local economy. For example –

  • The Rice Museum [Museu de Arroz] is the oldest restaurant specializing in serving rice dishes. The Rice Museum is situated in an ancient rice-husking mill, where equipment and tools related to paddy farming are displayed.
  • In the 1950s abandoned schools resided in a bar and restaurant called Escola.
  • Casa de Cultura is a rice barn transformed into a Culture House. The place features an auditorium including vintage cars, a shopping alley, and an art studio.

These are a few places built-up for shopping and eating, which everyone finds appealing about this village.

How to spend quality time?

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Comporta town is accessible by ferry and even by car from Lisbon, it is 1 hour 15 minutes drive. Besides lounging and admiring the scenery and tranquility there is nothing much to do.

  • A popular pastime is horseback riding and windsurfing. Cavalos na Aeria [Horses on Sand] offers transportation to explore the surrounding regions.
  • There are cycling and kayaking offered, which take you across the rice paddies or the irrigation channels. Yoga classes facing rice fields are relaxing.
  • Nature walks across the rice paddies and landing in the ocean to see the sunset is an experience. You cannot see rare birds if you ignore cycling or walking through the rice paddies.
  • Bird watchers can enjoy their hobby at the Sado estuary, where they can see 200+ varieties of species.
  • No concerns about dressing for dinner even if celebrities reside here. No one cares! People visit Comporta to play.
  • The coastline extends across 7.5 miles, which naturally grabs attention.
  • During sunset, the dolphins are seen playing and you must expect mosquitoes, which hardly matter to anyone.

Who are the locals?

The residents are farmers and workers. Several locals work at the shops and restaurants. Some celebrities own a summer house and visit once a year. It is also a tourist destination, but less common. Those who desire to get connected with wild nature and soak in the beach life visit Comporta.

Why foreign investors are interested?

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In the last several years, the area has witnessed a new inflow of foreign families. The interest is not only in Lisbon but even its surrounding neighborhood including Comporta. Portugal offers special tax benefits to the new residents under the NHR program. Under the Portugal Golden Visa program, residency is granted to foreign investors buying properties at €500,000 and more.

Untouched beaches

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  • Praia da Comporta- It is the nearest beach to Lisbon, so is crowded during weekends. Praia da Comporta overlooks the magnificent Arrabida Mountain Range.
  • Praia de Pego- It is a secluded form of Praia da Comporta. You have to drive south and pass the rice fields and pine forests. For pedestrians, there is a wooden path constructed on top of the safe dunes to gain access to the beach.

Climate is suitable

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Comporta climate is temperate because of the Atlantic influence. The summers are dry and hot, whereas the winters are mild when compared to Europe. You can see the sun 350 days around the year. From April to October, the weather is pleasant as the environment is warm and it is not crowded with tourists. For investors looking to buy a summer sanctuary, the Comporta coastline is the best location.

Consider buying a summer vacation home In Comporta as you will never get tired of admiring its beauty!