Travel Lifestyle: Countries Open for Tourism After the COVID-19 Surge

The pandemic has been going on for almost two years, and people still question the safety of traveling or even going out for laundry at your local laundromat.

Well, either going out for laundry or traveling to your dream country is safer than last year. If laundromats like Liox have found a way to cater to their clients through laundry pickup and delivery, the World Health Organization and health experts have found a way to fight against the virus— vaccines.

The growing number of people vaccinated against the coronavirus has dropped the infection rate in several countries. With this situation, traveling is safer compared to last year, but this only applies to fully vaccinated people. However, even if you are fully vaccinated, there are still some precautions you have to follow.

Even fully vaccinated people can get infected by the virus. That’s why follow these travel precaution tips to ensure that you enjoy your trip and get home without getting any sickness.

1. Assess the COVID-19 Rate of Home and Destination Country


The COVID-19 case rates in your home and destination country make or breaks your plan of going for a travel.

You should be concerned with the COVID-19 rate pandemic in your home country. It is important to assess the COVID-19 infection around the neighborhood. Vaccination is the only thing that’s protecting us from crowded places.

The destination country’s infection rate is something to consider. If you are planning to travel to a country tagged with red-hot, then you only have a slim chance of going abroad for vacation. Moreover, it is best to determine which states are at high risk of the virus. Always research the events and what you manifest.

Traveling is quite hard when everyone at the party is not yet vaccinated. Many travelers see it as worrisome. Thus, always asses before booking a ticket or accommodation. Ensure that everything is clear to lessen your expectations from the outcome.

2. Vaccination Status

You have to assess yourself first— how safe is traveling for me these days? Since the pandemic, everyone isolating, until the vaccination started. Whether you are fully vaccinated or not, vaccination status is crucial. You have to undergo a COVID-19 test to ensure you are virus-free and you are not spreading the virus.

If you are at high risk for COVID-19 or immunocompromised, you should stay at home instead. Going to crowded places or even during transportation with other vacationers puts you at risk.

Requirements matter when traveling, and there are some health checks to ensure you are safe for travel. You need to present your negative test result.

If you are not vaccinated yet, you can go to the nearest local government office as they can entertain such inquiries. Some local governments give out free vaccination to lower age categories. So, what are you waiting for? Get vaccinated to help you find an opportunity of going abroad.

3. Decide Mode of Travel


If you are not fully vaccinated yet, your mode of travel greatly depends on the success of your travel plans. You have to choose the safest option for traveling.

Airlines are the best and most convenient option these days. Airlines require all their passenger to have Meanwhile, traveling by bus requires extra vigilance as there’s no adequate ventilation inside buses.

You have to determine the ventilation systems of these travel modes to keep you safe during transport. If you will travel by plane, train, or bus to your desired destination, there’s a high chance you might be infected because of its inadequate ventilation.

The CDC has updated the travel guidance for fully vaccinated officers. If you are uninterested in the vaccine yet, you have to keep extra precautions. Let’s keep an eye on what’s happening. We might know one of your favorites.

4. Clean Room (Airbnb, Hotel Room)

You can pretty much book an Airbnb rental space or a hotel room during the pandemic. Hospitality and property rentals are slowly getting back despite the situation. Airbnb or hotel owners sanitize their space. But, as a tenant or hotel guest, you have to be careful.

Bring antibacterial wipes on your travel. You can disinfect high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, remotes, or even light switches at home. A basic cleaning helps you protect from viruses and bacterias.

5. Al Fresco Dining in Restaurants


Last year, experts did not recommend dining in restaurants because they might not have proper ventilation. Thus, they encourage their customers to either dine at Al Fresco or take out. Al Fresco dining is the best solution when hanging out with friends and family.

But if you are alone in this travel, it is best to dine in Al Fresco than taking your mask off in a poorly ventilated space to eat.

6. Choose Travel Activities Wisely

You can feel the restrictions when traveling during this pandemic. Even when you are fully vaccinated, you have to choose your travel activities wisely. Do not go to overcrowded places.

Always wash or sanitize your hands regularly, maintain 6 feet of social distancing, wear a mask, and avoid going to poorly ventilated areas.

You should not assume that all countries have a large population of vaccinated people because vaccination is a privilege. Other countries remain at low rates and performances when it comes to COVID-19 response and vaccination.

Remind yourself that there may be activities you have to skip due to the pandemic.

Have a Good Time but Stay Vigilant


We all deserve a good vacation after the stressful years. After all, we have been looking for answers. The pandemic can’t stop us now from traveling. You have to check the country if it is available for tourism.

Some countries have already opened for tourism, yet some purposely remained their travel ban. You can enjoy your time by staying vigilant. Even if you are fully vaccinated, you need to keep things at bay. Thus, follow these travel precautions at all times.

Let’s keep an eye on the countries that have opened their business.