5 Crafty Gift Ideas That You Can DIY – 2023 Guide

Although the holiday season is considered to be a time of a year when we exchange gifts among our dearest, it is always a good time for a present, especially if you can make it by yourself and invest both your time and thought into composing that crafty honorarium intended for your special someone. Opting for a DIY solution is one of the creative means to show someone that you care for them significantly and is a more effective way of making someone feel special than by simply buying a gift at a local store.

When you decide to invest your skill and craftsmanship into an object you intend to bestow upon someone, you subconsciously hive the idea of donating a piece of yourself since you are about to devote your energy and goodwill into making something that should elicit a smile of that special someone every time they see the exceptional object made by your hands. It does not really matter if you create a masterpiece or not, the exceptionality of your work lies in the mere gesture and the desire to make a dear person happy. What is important to highlight above all about the true value of this type of gift is the time someone is willing to sacrifice for the sake of others, especially in the contemporary setting where time is one of the most deficient luxuries one could afford.

As we have already mentioned earlier, you do not have to worry if it is a certain date in order to make someone happy. On the other hand, you might want to pay special attention to the selection of an adequate gift if the occasion is specific. For example, you would probably want to aim for something unambiguous if you prepare yourself for an anniversary, or something unique if you know the exact wishes of the birthday person. Come whatever may, you can always refer to the old saying that one should not look a gift horse in the mouth if things go out of control.

We have prepared the following list of suggestions for you to take into consideration and think about them as potential ideas the next time you decide to make someone feel extra special and bestow them with the present you have DIY. Try DIY whatever you find appropriate or even try combining the several suggestions into one whole if you find it appropriate!

1. Rock Holders

img source: madetobeamomma.com

This is one of the easiest things you will do in a while and still it will take you no more time than you will spend reading this article. Although the primary idea is to do this by yourself in order to present someone dear to you with a gift, the chances that you will like this little project that much to do it for yourself as well are major. Namely, all you should do is find a round shape rock and decorate it to your taste. Then use a copper wire to coil it and leave a part of wire you can twist at the end to use as a holder of your new craft. Use it as a picture holder, to secure a table clover, or as a decoration.

Another way to make your dear person happy is to engage them in a certain activity. A wonderful way of doing that is by presenting them with amazing scratch paintings, where they need to work their way to discover an amazing work of art hiding behind the front they face insight. You can find these novelties at various websites such as paintbynumbersaustralia.com.au, and choose your favorite.

2. Bath Bombs

img source: armandhammerarabia.com

Everybody enjoys a warm bath, no matter how often they practice it. Thus, making a bath bomb for your special someone should remind them to do it more frequently. All you will need for this venture is a mold, some baking soda and citric acid, alongside the essential oil of your preference. Finally, use some food coloring to spice the thing additionally and you are good to go!

3. Cactus Jewelry Hanger

img source: alicdn.com

An ideal gift for a jewelry lover. Well, it is not a piece of jewelry, but it is closely related. Namely, what you will need is some clay and some glue, alongside with coloring of your choice. Shape the clay in the form of a cactus and bake it in your oven until it thickens. After it is done glue the cactus to a firm base so it can stand on its own. Finally, decorate the figure, and don’t skim on your imagination, moreover, feel free to experiment.

4. Map Magnets

img source: risshomedesign.com

You can make these in bundles! All the materials you are going to need are some old maps, roundish glass stones you can find at a local store, glue, and magnets. What you should do is cut the random or intentional piece of a paper map large enough so it can be placed inside a glass rock. Then put the magnet on the backside of your creation and glue the whole thing together. There you have it!

5. A Champagne Pineapple

img source: downhomeinspiration.com

Combine two of the guilty pleasures into one! All you are going to need is a bottle of your favorite sparkling wine, a bunch of round shaped candies with yellow wrappers, some glue, and some grass. Namely, glue the candies all over the bottle surface except the bottom and the neck of the bottle. Finally, apply the grass that will imitate the canopy of the pineapple. And, voila! Your sweet, sweet present with another sweet treasure hidden beneath the core.

We suppose you cannot wait to try out some of the ideas you have just read about. Whatever has drawn your attention, we are sure that you are going to do amazing work and charm the one that gets the final product. Have fun and use the aforementioned suggestions as a template for your future DIY projects and never fear experimenting since that allows you to leave a unique mark on a craft that you are preparing.