How To Create And Sell Ringtones Along With Music To Earn Revenue?

Today, people adore customizing their smartphones. With the number of features and options available, users can manage their routines as well as reveal their interests and tastes using customized tones and themes. It is a great opportunity for content creators and developers to create innovative earning opportunities. Ringtone creation can help musicians and content creators to earn revenue.

What are ringtones?


They are melodic sounds the mobile device makes when a call or message arrives. Mobile phones are too sophisticated, so owners can personalize ringtones to suit their taste.

Reasons to use ringtones

  • Distinguish callers – The latest models allow users to choose different sounds for different callers.
  • Fun – Having a mobile phone with a unique character and personality is appealing.
  • Detect – In a meeting or crowd, you can easily identify your phone ring without checking it.

How to start a ringtone selling business?


You will need cellphone users to sell your ringtones. First, the musical ringtones you sell need to be unique and real. You will also need to understand the type of ringtones popular today and people will find them interesting. Ensure that the ringtone is suitable for all kinds of devices.

Understand the legal implications of selling ringtones online

There are unprincipled content sellers that repackage someone else’s products. There are also ethical merchants trying to earn while offering in-demand service. Copyright laws are designed to protect creative people’s work. For example, if you wrote a book no one can copy it. The publisher also needs your permission to sell it. If someone desires to copy it, they will need your approval. In the same way, ringtones created from the album can only be used by the album-maker because they have the rights.

If you desire to make ringtones and sell them for a profit, then you cannot encroach on copyright laws using distributed music without legal permission.

How musicians can sell their music and ringtones?


Today, musicians don’t need to sign a contract with a record label to put music on Apple Music or Spotify or Amazon or iTunes. Musicians took a lot of effort in creating their album, so they need to earn their share of revenue as well as keep 100% music rights. This is not possible when they sign an agreement with the major record labels. Distribution is crucial to get their music before the public.

Digitalization has made it possible for independent artists to get their recordings before the global people. They can sell music online because time has changed and people are buying music from streaming services. People are listening to more music using streaming services than before. Apple Music and Spotify have made it convenient for consumers to choose what they wish to listen to from the lengthy list of songs.

Consumers can listen to the songs they desire instantly from anywhere and at any time. Rather than buying the entire album, they can choose the song they prefer most. There is no need for them to download the song on mobile phones, so it saves their disc-space.

Many musicians use digital distribution services like to have their albums distributed on major streaming services and music stores. You will need to first signup to open an account. If your album is ready upload the audio files, cover art, and release details. You also have to set the selling price of your album and choose the stores you desire to release your music in. In 2 to 4 days, your music will be available on the chosen streaming services and music stores for the public.

Why create ringtones?


Musicians will find the distribution process simple but now they will have to handle the promotion of the album release. They can create ringtones from their track clip and use them to earn some extra. Music is a crucial part of everyone’s life. There is hardly anyone that doesn’t listen to songs. People even use their favorite songs as a ringtone on their phones.

You don’t need to be a professional musician to successfully sell ringtones. Independent artists still new in this business can increase the awareness associated with their album. With every ringtone sold the artist increases his/her exposure when the buyer receives calls. Remember, the required ringtone length is not more than 15 sec, so select the catchiest hook from your song to create one for maximum impact.

Ringtones can help to promote your album as well as earn some side income. You may be wondering, how to sell ringtones online?

Just like you had your album distributed on different streaming services, you will need to find the right platforms for ringtone distribution. You can use software to convert a piece of your audio track into ringtones. Choose catchy ringtones to build a lucrative business by selling them via iTunes to millions of mobile users.

Marketing is also essential


Musicians will also need to create a music website or blog, where they can sell their songs and ringtones directly to their fans. Some loyal fans feel that their favorite musician must receive the entire amount instead of certain cuts, so they can purchase from your website. The website can be used to offer information regarding your new release.

Ringtones can be offered for free in exchange for a subscription. You can create a mail list and send a newsletter informing subscribers about your events or share an interesting preview of the music creation.

Music distribution and website creation are not sufficient. You will need to use a social channel to promote your music. Use different ways to keep fans engaged like sharing visual content that includes home studio, music gear photos, tour date announcement, videos of music-making in unique locations, go live, and more.

Text content sharing is equally important. Update fans, upload inspirational posts, educational posts, ask for feedback, tell a story, theme post using a hashtag, and more. Respond to your fans and even share the content that they posted.

Remember, a lot of new albums and songs get uploaded on the streaming services daily. The success of the new music depends on how the musician marketed it. So, promote your music and ringtones smartly!