Current Railways Minister Piyush Goyal’s Statement: Central Government’s Cleanliness Drives Can Boost Tourism in India

Recently, the Central has asked all its departmental employees to undertake all its cleanliness drive seriously. Now, the current Minister of Railways, Mr. Piyush Goyal has given a statement that central government’s cleanliness drive will increase the profitability of Indian tourism business by attracting more foreign tourists in the country!

The central government is now putting serious efforts towards cleanliness in order to boost the tourism business in India. According to Piyush Goyal, cleanliness is a basic hygiene that we all should maintain. If we will keep our areas clean, it will make all the tourists feel safer and living in a hygienic environment. If the streets and lanes are dirty and filled with trash, this would make the tourists feel gross and sick.

On Monday, Piyush Goyal inaugurated the Indian Tourism Mart which is a symposium of the tourism sector and stated:

“No country can attract international tourists until they feel the country is clean…The efforts we have undertaken in the last four years to bring about cleanliness is certainly going to be one of the defining features to promote tourism in the nation in a big way,”

In the inauguration ceremony, Piyush Goyal also mentioned those places where the maximum number of tourists visits throughout the year. He mentioned, if these places can maintain a basic level of cleanliness with a proper electric supply facility, this will eventually increase the number of tourists and boost up the profitability as well.

According to Piyush Goyal, not only cities, but the urban and rural areas also need to maintain the basic level of cleanliness so that all types of tourists feel confident to visit the places again. The era of power shortage is gone and the government is now able to provide power to the most rural and remote areas. The only lacking is in cleanliness and basic hygiene maintenance.

Indian Tourism business is the source of income of a major number of Indians. Also, the tourism and hospitality industry is growing really fast as compared to the sectors in India. Indian tourism sector itself adds 6.88% to the GDP. In order to promote Indian tourism, the central government has reduced the pricing of trains and made the transportation facilities as smooth as possible. Now, the government has taken initiatives to clean the country and to motivate its people to keep their own areas clean as well.  So, it’s our duty to play our parts and help our government in this mission!