The Dangers of a Damp and Neglected Basement Area

Buying or building a house of our dreams is something that’s on everyone’s to-do list in life, but actually creating a home by your desires could be quite challenging, and if not properly informed, it could turn out to be a true nightmare. Yes, it’s nice to see large bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, all created to meet certain standards, but that doesn’t mean your job is over, as there is always something to add, something to do or buy for the house. The roof is essential, and you probably didn’t need us to say it, but one room in the house is important as well, but often gets neglected, due to being, well, let’s say, hidden. Yes, we are talking about the basement.

Now, living in a Nashville home that has a basement can be a challenge for some people. That’s because they often fail to look after that part of a house, and it then falls into a state of disrepair. Once that happens, numerous problems can arise that could affect the basement itself but also the entire structure of the house. Naturally, you want to enjoy good living conditions and a pleasant home environment, but basement issues can create tremendous problems.

In case of a bad foundation, its impact on the entire residence will be huge, depending on how bad its state is. However, calling on waterproofing repair services can help avoid these issues by getting the cellar back into ideal condition. Once the area is well protected, a residence will also benefit from increased protection, as it will provide much more security to the structure and base of one’s home. By doing so, you will maintain an attractive home and healthy living conditions with far greater ease. That is why, in this article, we will explore some dangers of a damp and neglected basement area that is not waterproofed.

What Are the Dangers?


We already mentioned that checking how preserved the basement is should be one of the first things to do when deciding whether to buy a home. Still, many people are not sure about what and where to look for possible damages, aren’t aware of what is considered as a normal condition of the basement. Okay, condensation and dry rot are something most of us are familiar with, but what about other damages? If the basement is damaged, depending on how severe the damage is, there are some risks.

Risks are various and dangers that are posed by a basement that is in bad condition and has no waterproofing protection whatsoever. Some of the key issues you may face are:

Pests Causing Problems in Your House


One of the main dangers that a neglected basement could cause is the risk of pests invading your residence. They will find it appealing if it is damp and in bad shape, and once they set up a home in there, they can cause a lot of damage. In addition, they could also make their way into the main home, and they can cause further destruction, spread disease, and lower the hygiene levels in the entire residence. Once they get into a house, it’s not easy to get them out, and it’s most likely that you will need professional help. Waterproofing helps with this problem as it reduces the risk of these stubborn creatures. It is much easier and cheaper to waterproof it than to deal with bugs since it will cost a lot of money, time, and nerves, and what’s even more important, they can be dangerous for your overall health.

Mold and Dampness Affecting Your Housing


Other issues affecting our home we may face are mold and dampness, which will also easily spread if our basement is in bad shape. If we waterproof this area of our residence, it will be beneficial as it will prevent mold from spreading. That will save us a lot of hassle, cut our costs, and enables us to enjoy a comfortable and healthier home environment. Dealing with mold is not easy, and its spreading could further cause severe respiratory problems, which can be pretty dangerous for our and the health of others who live in that house. It can take a lot of time to get rid of mold, the products used for that are not that cheap, and it’s almost certain that we will need to call a professional eventually. These issues could also lead to a cold home, and that can result in increased energy bills and costs.

Bad Odors and Contaminated Air


A poor state of our basement could also lead to polluted air and bad odors inside our home, which can affect our living conditions and environment. That can take its toll on our health and make our home an unpleasant place to be. Once the bad odors appear, many will try to solve that problem with air fresheners and purifiers, but needless to say that doing so just won’t be enough. These odors are persistent, and it’s impossible to get rid of them until we do not get rid of their source. Waterproofing will reduce the risk of bad odors and contamination from our basement, so we can enjoy healthier indoor air and a more pleasant home environment. An unpleasant smell is something that our guests will surely notice, and they will probably avoid visiting us since no one likes to go to places with pungent odors. We may get used to that smell, but if our friends visit us less often than usual, it is probably time to check if there is a problem in this part of your home.

These are some of the dangers we can avoid at your home by investing in basement waterproofing, and it’s much better to invest in it than in solving problems that it can cause. A waterproofed cellar is much safer for our health, and it can save us from many costs, so it’s better to invest once and be sure that it will last for a long time than to deal with many problems all the time.

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