9 Rules to Follow if You Want to Date a Coworker

by Mitov Mitrovski

If you are that lucky that you find a darling in your coworker, there are certain rules to follow if you want to succeed in both keeping your job and maintain a healthy relationship with your partner. Although some managers underline they neither encourage relationships between employees nor allow their workers to date among themselves, love is blind and often surpasses imposed boundaries. Therefore, knowing how to keep everyone happy if you find yourself in a similar situation is the best possible solution. Hopefully, handling between love life and your career will be enough to secure your success in both fields, although both of the segments are interconnected.

1. Sleep on it

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This particular advice refers not only to one night and it does not require a partner to be sleeping on. Moreover, it implies you consider everything related to your person of interest. Whether you want the same or not, or even what you really want, are just a few things to consider before entering, or trying to enter a relationship with your coworker. Apart from solely making a contact, try imagining how it would be if you dated and worked at the same time, and would it be real to maintain that type of relationship. If you are still having second thoughts after a few days of thorough thinking, give yourself a break before coming to a final conclusion. Therefore, not only will you come to work prepared in every possible way, but you might end up home leaving with a partner, not a business partner.

On the other hand, you might be experiencing some difficulties while trying to figure out if your coworker has a thing for you. To clarify any doubts you possibly might have, try finding the adequate suggestions and answers on this page.

2. Keep it Real

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Try putting the pink glasses aside and think about your situation as realistically as you can. Sadly, numerous relationships end up with breaking up and everyone leaves their way. Well, not this time, since you both share the same working space. Considering every possible variant regarding your romance is a must if you work together, therefore, think about if you would be able to continue to do so even after a breakup. Either you will continue working together, or someone needs to change their working position. Whatever the answer is, it is not easy to make it happen without second thoughts, so, be prepared!

3. Let Your Boss Know What’s Going on

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This one is a tricky issue, but the sooner you do it the better for everyone. Namely, try getting some time in private with your superior so you can tell them what is going on. You do not need to go into detail but merely to inform them about you and your colleague having more than a professional relationship. Try highlighting that your romance will not affect your productivity and that you will not endanger your working position at all costs. Therefore, you will not only avoid sharing your information via gossip but will secure the relationship with your superior.

4. Stay Focused

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The fact that you found your special someone at your workplace does not change the fact that you still need to get the job done in order to get paid. Therefore, focusing on the things that should be left for the after-hours is not a good way to keep your job. Although it might be difficult to keep your eyes out of your darling for the whole time of your working day, make an effort, and save yourself for the end of the day.

5. Keep the Others Away

Although you share the same office, you do not share your relationship with the other coworkers, one is more than enough. Jokes aside, but try leaving any curious faces out of your private life. Although it would be hard not to talk about your relationship at all, especially because the colleagues are together, try focusing on professional subjects and avoid anything related to the personal segment of life. Therefore, you both secure your job position and your love life.

6. Rely on Yourself

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It is ok to keep each other’s back and provide support in difficult times, but try not to get lost along the way. Namely, focusing on your career on your own, without any other party stirring their fingers, is something that stays no matter how long your relationship lasts. Therefore, you retain your individuality and integrity and you prevent yourself from potential situations where you eventually end up owing something to someone.

7. Work VS Home

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While you should keep your private life away from your office, you should also do the same thing the other way around. Namely, no matter if you are dating a coworker or not, it is hard not to bring work to your home. Having a darling with you at both work and home is not easier. Therefore, setting some ground rules of dealing with these issues might prove crucial in maintaining a successful relationship. No matter how hard it is, try not to talk about work when you leave your office.

8. Keep Your Individuality

This does not mean you should become isolated from your partner or something similar, but moreover to continue what you were doing before you ended up together. That implies keeping your old hobbies and friendships, whether they are related to your job or not. They are a part of what you are and should not be changed because of some unplanned ongoings now shaping your business and free days.

9. A Coworker is not a Type

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Never make this initial error. Namely, if you have experience with dating coworkers just stop for a moment and think about everything that was wrong. If you have a crush on another colleague, try reading the last 8 steps before reading this one again. Since people subconsciously like to create and follow patterns, they frequently end up doing things even they consider unfruitful. They feel secure because they know the ground but at the end of the day what they are left with is a disappointment. Not with their partners, but with their selves. Therefore, do not make types of your colleagues because that is already seen, futile work.

Whatever may be the situation, there are certain rules one should follow in order to both keep their job and their partner, while remaining whatsoever sane during the process. Although the remaining sane part is the most difficult to achieve, you will be able to accomplish both ends of the bargain if you follow the 9 aforementioned rules we have provided you with in the rows above.

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