The Good and The Bad of Dating a Foreigner

The term global village is more present today than ever. Although the term has been around for 50 years, it is only in the last 10 years that we really understand what it means. First of all, thanks to the Internet, but also to the open labor market and many other factors, most of the countries of the world are available to all of us for tourism and business. This, of course, also affected love relationships. More than ever, there are relationships and marriages between people from completely different parts of the world. And not only in countries like the USA, where people come from all over the world, so it is easy to meet any nationality and race, but everywhere in the world. Cruise ships are just one of many places where many love affairs between foreigners have begun. Like everything, it has its good and bad sides. And what are those good and bad sides, read below.

The Good



Whether you are in a long-distance relationship or not, there will definitely be a lot of travel if you are in a relationship with a foreigner. If you are in a long-distance relationship, then you will constantly have to travel to each other to see each other. Whoever loves traveling, it will be a very nice experience for him. On the other hand, if you don’t like traveling, then this is probably not for you. Also, if you live together, you will definitely need to travel to visit relatives and be with them for holidays and related events. If you live in a country other than your home country, that means at least a few trips a year. And travel enriches our lives the most with beautiful memories and new experiences.

New experiences


This is the best way to expand your horizons. We all grew up in an environment where we are used to such a living arrangement and we find everything else strange. Especially when it comes to cultural differences between West and East, where something that is normal in one part of the world is perhaps banned by law in another. By this type of dating, we will best see that people are the same everywhere, the only differences are customs and living conditions. You will get to know the new culture in the best possible way. You can only get to know all these small parts of the tradition of a nation and the way they live if dating a foreigner. As much as you think you know about some people because of movies and things like that, trust us you don’t even know 30 percent. Here you will gain first-hand experiences.



If you are a gourmet, then you will enjoy this aspect as well. We all know some dishes prepared by our grandmother, and we can’t find them in any restaurant. The same is the case with every family and nation. Even if you go to a Chinese or Mexican restaurant, for example, you will try things adapted to the general taste. And if you are in a relationship with someone of that nationality, you will try something in his house that you would not have the opportunity anywhere else. In this way, they will expand their culinary horizons. Always try something new, because it is a unique experience.

You will learn a foreign language


It is known that a foreign language is best learned by a conversation with native speakers. It is clear to you that this is then the best way to learn the language because you will be able to practice every day. Knowing a foreign language is a very important skill that can mean a lot to you in life. And you will also get along better with your partner. As you can see there are a lot of benefits and everything should be fine if you just follow these tips.

The Bad

Language barrier


This can be a problem, especially in the beginning. Whether you speak one of your two mother tongues or you speak English and you both have different mother tongues, it will certainly be a problem. If both speak on the mother tongue of one of you, someone who knows that language less well will have trouble expressing everything he or she thinks and feels. He may even feel inferior because he can’t say everything he wants, for example, in an argument. If you speak to each other in a third language, you will both feel a language barrier and it may happen that sometimes you do not understand each other best, which can lead to problems that would not otherwise exist.

Differences in upbringing and mentality

As interesting as it is that you come from different cultures, you will surely often have problems because you come from completely different backgrounds. Raising children is very different all over the world and then you will often not be able to agree on some topics at all. It can be anything, from opinion about marriage, through the relationship between men and women, and much more. Also, the mentality of the two nations is very different, especially from different parts of the world. Maybe you are very calm and your partner reacts abruptly. These are all things you will have to deal with and it will not be easy, but if there are enough patience and love, you can make it.



The distance will definitely bother you. In case you don’t live together, then because you rarely see each other. And if you live together, then because you are very far from your family and friends and you will miss various events that you do not want to miss. You will also have to make compromises to whose family you will go and when. When you are born in the same city, then you do not have these problems because you can visit both families at once. But in this case, everything is much more complicated.


You should give it a try. There is nothing to lose, and you can gain many positive things, which can even lead to marriage. Just be careful at first because you know nothing about that person and have no way to check their background.