Delhi: Cop Saves Young Colleague By Taking A Shot In The Chest

by Munira Qaid Johar
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New Delhi: Sub-inspector Bijender Deshwal showed immense bravery while he used his body to take a bullet in his chest, during a furious gunfight with gangsters. The episode took place on Sunday, and Deshwal took the shot which was meant for his colleague, who was 25-year-old head constable Gurdeep Singh. Gurdeep became a father three months ago.

Deshwal was in a fierce fight with Rajesh Bharti and three other members from his gang when he was shot near the chest. SI Raj Singh took six of his colleagues to a hospital nearby the area after the four gangsters were killed. Si Raj was also shot in his hand.

People around who noticed the incident taking place informed Deshwal’s son and Raj Singh’s son about their brave and courageous acts. Back there at the hospital, Komal Kadayan, who was a final year MBBS student had the first ever experience of attending a patient with gunshot wounds. The student’s father, Krishan Kadayan was one of the members of the special cell team in the shootout.  As Kadayan had to wake up early and head for some office work, he had asked his family to sleep the night soon before.

Komal informed that her father had left home early morning at 4.30 am on Saturday saying he had some urgent work. Later that day, she received a phone call from him where he said he was coming to the hospital as he met with some accident. Her father was taken to the Trauma center of AIIMS, and Komal later joined the medical team.

M M Oberoi, commissioner of police (special cell) and ) Pramod Kushwaha DCP came to the hospital to see the injured men and enquired about the situation.

“My father was shot twice, so the family is worried about him. But the act of bravery makes us all proud. We all feel dual emotions right at this moment. He has served the special cell for about 15 years and loved and respected his job,” Ashish, Deshwal’s son said. He is a physiotherapist in Delhi.

Ashish informed Akshay, SI Raj Singh’s son about the incident, as soon as he came to know about it. Both these men have served the special cell for about 15 years.

Chaudhary was caught saying that he received a call from someone from his father’s team and was informed that his father was shot in the arm. And despite that, he drove the others from his team to the hospital after the shootout.

During the shootout, around eight men from the special cell were injured. One of the personnel, Girdhar, a head constable was shifted to a private hospital for better treatment, while four others are still recovering from the wounds in the AIIMS’s trauma center. Three others were discharged.

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