DIY Home Improvement Tips: Be Your Own Handyman

Home renovation is a creative commitment, which can be challenging if you have a limited budget. However, you don’t need the fortune to decorate the space to your taste and make it comfortable for life. You just need to have a vision of what you want and a little bit of ingenuity.

Be Your Own Handyman

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When arranging a home or an apartment, there are many jobs you can do on your own. Being your own handyman can sometimes save you a considerable amount of money. Wall painting, laminating, or making and installing closets are some of the examples of home-work that will cost you significantly less if you do it by yourself.

What Can You Do By Yourself?

The beginning of autumn is a time when we think about the heating and heating bills that await us in the coming winter months. The way we heat and choose energy is a big decision, both technically and financially. Such decisions must be made and implemented in time to ensure that our home is warm during the winter. Besides, there is something we can do to at least reduce the high heating bills.

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Windows And Doors Air-Isolation

The simplest and cheapest way to prevent heat from flowing uncontrollably – is by isolating your windows and doors. According to some calculations, this way the heating bill can be reduced from 5 to 30%. Of course, it depends on the condition of your windows and doors.

If you have already used sponge, rubber or thick foam strips for doors and windows insulation, you need to remove them. In some cases, this is not so easy as the sponge and foam stripes peel off from the plastic adhesive tape that kept it glued to the surface.

Make sure you do this part of the job well because it is critical to the success of making a good air-isolation. Namely, it is possible that the new tape falls off or tears off in places where there are remnants of old strips.

It is advisable that you only tape the stripe in which thickness fits your window. If you put on too thick strips, your windows and doors may be harder to close. We do not recommend sponge tapes, as they have a very short life span and do not provide perfect isolation.

Installing the laminate

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Unlike the wooden floors that have to be sanded, varnished or painted, laminate is less expensive. And besides, you can install it yourself without too much trouble. Its price varies per square meter, but if you opt to hire a professional to install it – you will pay even more.

However, if you realize in a timely manner that you cannot do it alone, it is better to seek the help of professionals. At Plumb And Lined you can get specific tips on how to do some of the home renovation work yourself. Also, you can find adequate professional help with all home-work you may need. That also works for the laminate installation. To install the laminate floor, of course, you need laminate flooring, then sponge mats, moldings and laminate bumpers, etc.

As for the tools – everything you need, you probably have in your home already. A scalpel, a hammer, a jigsaw, a meter and a leveler. The laminate is installed simply as the plates fit into one another.

Wall Painting

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In most cases, painting cannot be completed in one day.

Keep in mind that it will take time to prepare your home for painting. Moving and protecting furniture, protecting doors and windows, preparing walls for painting, mixing colors – these are all the things you need to do before start painting your walls.

Whether you are a hobby or a professional painter, it is always good to be reminded of the steps necessary to prepare and paint your interior walls.

Create A Vision

As you tour the space, note the idea of color, style, windows, lighting, decor and accessories. Here are some tips:

  • Bright colors will blend everywhere, and dark ones require a room with plenty of windows and daylight.
  • If the property is preparing for sale, stick to neutral wall colors, which will easily blend in with all styles of furniture and decoration.
  • If you are good at computer programs, take digital photos of the space and subsequently enter the desired wall colors in the photo program. This way, you will no longer have to imagine, but you will be able to see what the colors will look like in the space.
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Do you like vibrant colors? Use them!

Feeling creative? Use inspiration. Play with colors, combine, merge the incompatible. After all, if you don’t like the result, you can always repaint. Combine complementary colors in adjacent rooms. Two different shades of the same color are the best solution.

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Be Careful With High-Gloss Colours

High-gloss colors are easy to maintain, but they further highlight any imperfections on the wall. Therefore, they are useful for bathrooms and kitchens, while for large wall and ceiling areas standard colors should be used.

Wall painting is a good trick to freshen up your space without much investment. It doesn’t have to be the whole house. It can only be one or two walls that will be accentuated. Consider what color would break the monotony while blending in with the rest of the furniture. You can find countless tutorials on the meaning of the colors and moods they associate. Therefore, choose the one that best conveys your message – a soothing, work or perhaps the social atmosphere.

Also, do not underestimate the importance of photos, posters, graphics. They don’t have to be top art pieces, but anything that has meaning to you and tells a specific story would be great.

Plan Your Budget

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The cost of housework varies depending on what you do, the quality of the material, and the price you choose. Whatever material is your choice, try not to choose those in the lowest price range, but to be of a higher quality. Focus on the mid-to upper-priced ones. Therefore, calculate how much money should be spent on a house of your size and square footage.

Add more money to your plan for the tools you need – brushes, rollers, tapes, sheets, and other materials. In any case, rely on the advice of a professional salesperson as he or she will know how to advise you according to your wishes and needs.