Do Dogs Actually Like Dog Beds – 2023 Guide

Why won’t they? Everyone likes a soft and plushy floor to relax on, so do the dogs and other pets. Although your pets won’t stay in their bed all the time but this is because they want to spend some time with you. So if you are considering not buying a bed for your dog just because he lays down in your bed, think again.

Although they can sleep on the sofa, your bed, or anywhere, but they need somewhere of their own. If you get the bed while your dog is just a puppy, it will make his bed his own. And then, instead of going to other places, he will go to his bed for sleep. So you are responsible for making its habits.

Pets do love places that make them feel secure and snug. Therefore, you should get the right size of the bed and not just anything.

They have a variety of beds and also other products for dogs. You can get chewing objects, leashes, beds, and even things that you did not know you needed. For example, a raincoat for your dog. This will allow you to take it outside even in rain. And when you come back home, he can just go in his comfy bed and relax. You can go to  and check out our recommended donut bed.

But if you are not sure whether a dog needs a bed or not, go through this article.

Give them their personal space


Every living creature has a sense of home. They need somewhere where they can sleep. That is why you can observe every living thing having a home. But when we adopt a cat or a dog at our home, that place becomes their home. They roam around everywhere and do anything they want. But still, there should be a bed of their own.

Although pets love spending time with their owners but they need their time too. What if they are not in a mood to do anything? They just want to lay down, feeling lazy and sleepy. If they have their bed, they can do so there.

In addition to this, if you have a dog with thick hair, it will have hair fall too. These dogs disperse their hair everywhere but of course, not willingly. So if you do not want that to happen, you should get them their bed. Otherwise, they won’t listen to you and will sleep where they seem fit.

For their healthy living

Dogs are also living creatures and they can suffer problems too. If you let them sleep on a cold floor, they will fall ill. In addition to this, they might also suffer from structural ailments. Their bones might be weak and they might have arthritis. If you let them sleep on the floor in such a problem, it will only worsen the situation. In addition to this, they might also get hip dysplasia.

Therefore, if your pet is suffering from any disease, you should provide a proper sleeping place for it. There are special orthopedic beds available in the market. You can get that if your vet recommends it. Otherwise, a soft and comfy bed that stays warm in winters is a necessity.

Dogs that suffer from arthritis, hip dysplasia, or arthritis, need orthopedic beds. They help them recover faster and treat their pain. So you need to consider this option too.

Gives the feeling of security and warmth


No one can sleep peacefully if there is no space of their own. Just like that, pets tend to make things their own to make themselves feel secure. So if you provide them with such a space which is of their own, they will love it.

They will have that feeling of security there. Usually, their beds are cushioned and like tubs, so that they feel comfy there. This also gives them a feeling of security and safety. Thus, they sleep comfortably and can get a good sleep.

Furthermore, the snug feeling that they get from the bed is not only good for their possessiveness but also keeps them warm. Dogs do feel cold and they also need a warm bed to sleep on. If they have their own, they won’t come and disturb you at night.

Cleaning all that fur makes you tired

If you have a furry beast in your home, its hair will be all over your place. Whether it’s your sofas, beds, your clothes, or anything, you will find their hair. And getting rid of all that fur is not possible. Therefore, dog owners have a lot of such objects that remove fur. They regularly clean their place to remove leftovers.

But despite all that trouble, you cannot remove all those hairs.

Therefore, instead of cleaning your place once or twice a day, you should limit your dog’s movements. Do not allow it to go in every room. Instead, let it have a place of its own. And once it gets into the habit of going to its place, it won’t roam around everywhere.

Whenever you are not around or it is tired, it will just go to its bed. You won’t have to clean its hair from all over the house but from a limited space.

But what about cleaning the dog’s bed?


This is another question of cleanliness. Of course, if the dog is spending most of its time in its bed, it will stink and will also have hair too. This will be a troubling thing if the mattress is fixed. However, for their beds, the manufacturers take special care.

Therefore, the liners are removable. You can just get a few and replace them once in a while. And there are also chips available in the market. You can get them in their beds and they will get rid of all the bad odor.