Do you think that your smartphones are smart enough?

by Antra sah

As an enthusiast, it is hard for us to say whether our smartphones are smart enough or not regarding the RAM, or the number of megapixels. Majority of the people has undertaken their tasks on their smartphones. But it is seen that many smartphones are fast enough and provide all the facilities like media playback and capture. But sometimes it’s not the processor to be blamed for. For example – you can only browse the web as much as your data connection or WIFI will allow you.

In many areas like playing games or editing videos, the fastest processor gives you the better result. You see that mobile processors aren’t like PC processors so you are getting an entire chipset. Chipsets are the fastest growing part of smartphones these days. And moreover, most of the other components of the smartphone like battery, screen, cameras etc. are improving by a few number of percentage day by day and so if even that the SoC also gain speed at an increasing rate.

Nowadays a snapdragon of mid – range is much faster than a flagship. So now we can say that chipsets are improving for the sake of number of comparisons rather than improving the actual experience of the user.  But if you only focus on the processor’s speed you could never get a fast SoC. While chances are there that you will not notice that apps open in a blink of an eye. Take an example of the two biggest improvements for smartphone cameras nowadays that is portrait mode or image – stacking HDR+. This enable the vast number of chipsets these days which can process a multiple number of images in just a second. I can bet you that if they take a few seconds instead most people will find them irritating and boring and would simply miss them out of fun. There’s also one thing that is all software is not perfect. Now, there is an app which is very poor and will help you to kill the mightiest CPU. So in order to sum up the chipsets faster and to do benefit the experience of the user. It is done in various ways and so immediately that you do not have to wait for apps to open up.

Do you think that processor is more important than RAM?

No, processor is not more important than RAM. In fact, both are important for a smartphone to run smoothly. A CPU which is powerful will help you to run your app faster, play games smoothly, loads web pages faster etc. The more RAM in your smartphone the more will let your phone to handle many tasks all at once. Comparing a phone on processor and RAM is not at all a great idea. It also depends on the Output System and the background apps as well.

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