The Biggest Fight For Drug-Free India

Drugs have become a major addiction these days. The young generation is rapidly moving towards drug abuse. Their minds have turned so immature that they do not realize the harsh consequences and by the time they realize it, it’s too late.

The Fight against Drugs

To save the youth from facing the menace of drugs, Agneepath actor Sanjay Dutt, with the support of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, is set to launch a campaign. In this campaign, they will educate the students to fight against drug abuse. The actor has himself faced a similar problem closely, so he understands and wishes that the young generation should not fall prey to this.

The Campaign

The Drug-free India Campaign will mark its onset from Guru Jambheshwar University, Hisar from the 18th – 19th day of February. Realizing that the youth is the future of the nation, many Bollywood celebrities have also supported the campaign. According to the plan, the campaign will run across 25000 on-campus students and will also be broadcasted live for crores of off-campus youth.

The campaign will amalgamate the Art of Living foundation. This is due to the importance of the Art of Living in controlling the mind and keeping it calm. The Government has organized many sports activities to save their young society from indulging into drug and alcohol addiction.

Let’s Support!

The Drug-free India campaign is a historic campaign, showing the concern towards the drug abuse among the youth. It also tries to curb it by introducing the Art of Living in the daily schedule of a student’s life.

With the support of the State Government and various B-Town celebrities, this campaign is sure to generate positive results. Also, it is the time for the youth to show full participation and support towards this campaign. This can be considered as a big step in collectively saving our country from drug abuse.

Let’s pledge to a drug free India!!


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