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More than 400 People are declared dead due to Indonesia’s Earthquake and Tsunami: Check the Latest Updates

On Friday, a 2.5 quake Tsunami hit Indonesia when hundreds and hundreds of people were preparing for the beach festival. All these people are missing after the Tsunami hit Indonesia. Not only this, Palu and its surrounding regions have faced more than 100 numbers of aftershocks since the Tsunami happened on Friday. After the devastating […]

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To overcome adverse results due to waste is more important than its decomposition

The wastes take a considerable amount of time to get decompose and out of them, the plastic wastes consume most of the time, approximately 10 to 100 years. We can say that plastics are not biodegradable wastes they actually break down into smaller particles or persists anaerobically. The waste materials require oxygen for go with […]

Solar Tariff In India Tumbles
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Solar Tariff In India Tumbles To New Record Low of 0.04$, Making It Cheaper Than Fossil-Fuel Generated Power

In the recent times, solar power tariffs have seen a great fall. In a very recent event, Abu Dhabi received the cheapest solar power tariff in a combined bid at 2.42¢/kWh. Also, some time back, Chile received a tariff at a bidding of 2.91¢/kWh. Now, in a record low, India has received a bidding at […]

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Trump’s Needs To Understand That Arctic Drilling Would be Disastrous for the Climate

As the ice in the arctic melts, so the ice upon which Donald Trump chooses to skate continues to thin. The new American president continues his attempts to overthrow Obama’s permanent block on exploiting oil and gas reserves in the Arctic by pushing ahead with his executive order to open up the region to drilling. […]

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Trump May Replace US EPA Advisory Scientists with Industrialists

Eighteen members of the US Environmental Protection Agencies Board of Scientific Counsellors (BOSC) have been dismissed by the EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt. While many of these scientists were already at the end of their three-year term on the advisory board, they were however hoping to be reappointed for a second term as has been common […]