Positive Effect of Inspirational Gifts

The inspiration is commonly defined as stimulation of your brain to do or feel some particular urge, mostly in terms of doing something creative. Usually, artists can talk about what exactly inspired them to create a masterpiece or at least, to come up with some honorable piece of art. We believe that it actually comes in various forms and, while being usually quite innocently present in the back of your mind, it’s actually only a tip of the iceberg of all the things that lead to the ‘Eureka’ moment that initiates creation.

Now, let’s put ourselves in the shoes of an inspirator of an important person in their life, not the one who needs to be inspired. Shall we base our gift-giving upon what inspires our actions, or perhaps there are additional steps to make the right thing for the beloved one? The most important thing to keep in mind whenever we do something is the effect we can or want to accomplish. While we are occupied with the effect we want to achieve, many positive side-effects might come alongside the intended ones. Well, just as in everything else in life, right?

So, how can we affect someone’s life positively by giving inspirational presents?

It’ll make someone feel better instantaneously at the emotional scale

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When someone you love is feeling down, when there’s a lack of confidence or self-respect, and they don’t know how to move on, it’s very hard to become thrilled only a minute after being devastated. Yet, if they just pull a little smile from underneath, maybe by looking at the wise words in front of them or something compelling that might catch their attention, you might start to feel just an inch better.

Yes, at first only a little bit better, but hey, that’s only the beginning. The small steps are those that count the most. Therefore, giving a present that’ll put green on someone’s face is the best thing you can do. Especially if it’s somewhat unexpected – the effect is probably much stronger that way.

It’ll make someone remember you whenever they see the gift you gave them

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Whatever it is, make sure that you personalize it so that whenever your beloved person looks at the gift you brought them they see you and your good intentions. It can be anything, but for someone, it will mean the whole world – no matter if it’s a lovely book to read, a concert ticket, an old-school vinyl with the best songs ever, or any other thing in the world.

And no, it doesn’t have to be any costly stuff that’s valuable only in a material way. For example, you might realize that you never say ‘I love you’ randomly to your mother or father.  Maybe you simply aren’t used to doing it since you’re afraid of the awkwardness. Maybe a single sincere and emotionally-packed birthday card, or just a simple letter. A couple of sentences, that your parents or friends will always keep sitting on the special spot in the room and remind them of your love. And, well, love always brings inspiration.

Someone will achieve the enlightenment moment thanks to it

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What is considered an enlightening moment can differ depending on the current moment in someone’s life – whether they need to paint, finish the song for the new album, finish the novel or perhaps design the part of a garment line for a new season? If we come ‘down on Earth’ maybe it’s just a new day at work where they need to sell something – is it so simple, though?

What if the moment of inspiration brings them up with the right words they will say to the customer and they connect with them on the emotional level creating a wish to buy the exact product they are selling to make themselves feel better just for a day? Maybe. This is what your gift can do to the ones who only need a single piece of happiness and motivation in order to get up and do something amazing.

We associate complete concepts, events, and mental states we find ourselves at by just linking them with specific words or constructions that create the associative memories. Furthermore, if you know that your friend likes to ride and that one of their best life memories includes them riding for the first time, buying them the inspirational gift that has the writing such as ‘All you need is love and a horse.’ I think this can qualify as a perfectly chosen one.

It can inspire someone into taking the long-planned actions after a long procrastinating period

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There’s a line from a movie quoted by Hugh Jackman that says ‘No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else’ from the famous P. T. Barnum. And that’s exactly what matters here. What your dear persons need is something that will make them have their own moment of being very themselves – and that might trigger amazing things.

For example, in cases when you know that your friend loves reading about astrology and really wants to know more about it and become a professional, but doesn’t have financial assets or doesn’t have time to take care of that, you can surprise him or her with a free course. Knowing that you spent some cash on it and that it’s available to them now will make them move on and start working on their skills. And this is only a single example – so just start thinking about all the things your loved ones like, but that’s unavailable or impossible for them for some reason that you can change.

And a few more things…

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While you’re struggling to find out whether your gift was worthwhile, there are some more of those side-effects that we might also find out to not so side ones, as we initially might have thought:

  • There might be a self-motivational moment just by looking at the gift we bought for the person of choice because, while we do buy something that our friends or family need, we do base our purchasing decisions when stuck with ‘either-or-choice’ upon our taste unconsciously and also might just get inspired ourselves, so be aware of that too.
  • If you perhaps buy something that has fabulous writing on it in the form of an affirmation that the recipient just might need when they are down, like the ones on KauzaDecor, let’s say – they have a visit from a dear friend who sees the same thing just at the right moment. Yeah, it might sound like a cliche, but is it? This could simply spread, and your motivational gift could end up motivating even more people through the ones you admire.

Regardless of the difference between the initially planned effect you had in mind and the ones you did achieve afterward, intentions and their results have a different balance sheet than finances. Even if you do accomplish something completely out of the concept, believe that it did make a positive difference, just it’s not always visible at the first glance. If you’re about to go for inspirational effects, prepare yourself to many sideways, yet after all, you do want to pull out the creativity – the one that takes a lot of unknown paths.