5 Email Marketing Strategies to Use for Your Event-Planning Business

No matter what kind of business you are running, good promotion is critical for success. Numerous marketing tools are available, but you must utilize the right ones. Email marketing is one tool that allows you to reach your audience without spending a lot of money or time.

Even though some marketers believe that email marketing has lost effectiveness, that is untrue. According to research, email marketing showed an impressive ROI of $36 for every $1 spent.

Using simple email marketing strategies, you can ensure that old clients rebook you for future events and new clients reach out to you. So, here are five effective email marketing strategies for your event planning business. Just make sure to add a call to action button in all emails so that the recipients can book your services if they wish to.

1. Email Segmentation is Key

Source: entrepreneur.com

Not all clients on your email list will have the same age, interests, or events. It is why segmenting your email lists is essential. A segmented email list will allow you to send your client relevant emails and avoid spamming them. The relevance of the emails will also make it more likely for them to open the emails.

For example, if some clients are older women with grandkids, you can send them emails about children’s birthday event planning tips, whereas you can send younger female clients who are about to get married tips about planning a bridal shower.

2. Reach Out Before and After the Event

When someone initially books your services, send them a thank you and confirmation email. It should include their event’s details, such as the event type, location, date, and time: You can also add some photographs of similar events you have planned to inspire them. It should also include all the contact details of your business.

After the event has been executed, send another thank you an email to the client and ask for their feedback. You can add a form that they can fill out. Make this email personal and friendly to end your services positively.

You can have premade templates to edit and send out for both things quickly. With PosterMyWall’s email marketing platform can create beautiful and professional-looking emails with ready-to-use templates, perfect even for beginners.

3. Exclusive Discounts for Your Email List

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Another great method to get more people to subscribe to your email list is offering exclusive discounts. Make your clients feel special by sharing promotional offers and exclusive discounts.

Whenever someone signs up for your email list, give them a one-time starter discount. You can also offer referral discounts. Send out referral codes via email, and if new clients book you using these referral codes, you can offer them and those who referred them to you some offer or discount. It can encourage word-to-mouth marketing too.

4. Personalize All Emails

Email personalization can positively impact your business and help you build healthy customer relationships.

First, you can use the recipient’s name in the subject line to create an instant bond. Now and then, add small, personalized messages in emails as a friendly gesture. You can also send birthday wishes, happy anniversary messages, or Christmas and other holiday wishes.

By using proper personalization, you’ll see an increase in open email rates.

5. Create a Monthly Newsletter to Show Off Your Work

Source: anneomaly.com

A monthly newsletter is a great way to show off your work and update old and new clients with your achievements and changes.

A monthly newsletter can provide people with insight into your business. It can feature details about your business and have profiles of those that are part of your team. It can also be a great way to show your best work of the month. You can add pictures of various types of events or even client diaries. The newsletter should include upcoming promotional events, discounts, and new services.

You can use the same template every month and alter it slightly ahead of holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or the Fourth of July.


A well-executed marketing strategy will be beneficial for your business. Email marketing will play a crucial part in the success of your business. It’s an easy-to-use, cost-effective method of marketing, which is why you should be looking to take full advantage of it.

Creating an email marketing campaign might be difficult initially, but platforms like Postermywall can provide the guidance you need. Using their templates and these five tricks, you can get started in no time and have professional-looking emails immediately.