Natural Remedies and Diet for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, erroneously called impotence, is a reality more than common and treatable. Any alteration that affects the flow of blood, for example, can be a reason for erectile dysfunction.

Now that more and more this phenomenon leaves the taboo court to become a badly accepted as common, often caused by urban stress (to which most of us are exposed) has spread much more information that can help you.

Sometimes the remedies are closer than they seem because our habits determine much the health that is enjoyed. As an example, in the case of longevity, only a quarter depends on the genetic information of each one, and the rest of the habits and the context. Therefore, the solution for many ailments is often in prevention (with habits), or once you already suffer from a disease, it can also be improved with the formation of habits. In case you already suffer from erectile dysfunction, you should consult a specialist, such as Male Excel, and let them find treatments that fit your individual needs.

We present you some natural remedies to treat erectile dysfunction that will help you highly


A study published in 2003 shows how 21% of the participants substantively increased their erections. In a previous study in 1997, up to 39% of the participants had increased.

To Meditate

Stress is not a good counselor for sexual desire or concentration. To meditate is very important so that you give a breath to your mind and with it to your whole organism, remember that everything is united.


Kegel exercises are known to help prevent erectile dysfunction, it also offers other interesting benefits when performing the sexual act such as retaining ejaculation longer, having more intense and lasting orgasms and much stronger erections.


You can take vitamin C three times a day; this provides benefits for your body such as reducing blood cholesterol and therefore improves your problem with erections. Also, vitamin E is an antioxidant and can help you change your erection problems.

There Are Also Several Foods That Can Solve The Problem Of Erectile Dysfunction.

There are foods that due to their content will help prevent or reduce erection problems, they work like this:


Seafood tends to increase testosterone levels, which can help with sexual desire. They are also full of zinc, a nutrient that the body needs. Make sure you know where they come from and that they are cooked enough.


Some researches showed that the CBD oil can help you prevail the issue of erectile dysfunction. According to Verified CBD, the CBD oil relieves anxiety, increases autonomic nervous activity, combats inflammation, alleviates the pain and it prevents the dryness.


A cup of coffee in the morning for many is more than a satisfaction, to others, it gives a boost to their love life. According to proven studies, men who drink two or three cups of caffeine a day are less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. This is due to the caffeine that acts as a driver of blood flow. Various teas, soft drinks and sports drinks that are on the market also have caffeine.

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is rich in flavanols, plant nutrients that can increase blood flow and lower blood pressure. It also helps the body create nitric oxide that helps with erections, found in many medications that treat erectile dysfunction. An ounce, sometimes a week will help the heart.


Nuts have a lot of arginines, an amino acid that the body uses to make nitric oxide. They are also a good source of vitamin E, folic acid, and fiber. A few handfuls of your daily diet will increase the decrease in erectile dysfunction. Walnuts are high in calories.


Salmon and other fish are great sources of healthy omega3 fatty acids for the heart, which tend to increase nitric oxide in the body. They are responsible for lowering blood pressure, the risks of heart attack and blood clots. It is recommended to eat about 8 ounces a week. Sardines, fresh white tuna, and mackerel are other good sources of omega3.


The vegetables also contain a nitric oxide booster. Apart from the possible benefits for the sexual life, leafy greens are nutritional potencies, they are full of vitamins, minerals, and omega3 which are required for the proper functioning of the activities.

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