Everything To Know and Do Regarding Your Gambling Addiction

Gambling on its own isn’t necessarily a problem. A popular myth regarding gambling is that if you gamble every day then you have an addiction problem.

This might be incorrect. Anything can be categorized as an addiction if it becomes a problem. The whole point of it is that is becoming a problem in your life, taking away many resources and time away from you.

So, gambling isn’t an addiction, unless you notice that it has a negative effect on your life.

Anyone can be a gambling addict, and all it takes is to spin your first roulette wheel, your first visit to the bookies, your first poker game, etc. Gambling addictions can be potentially devastating to everyone around the person who is addicted to it. It’s not unusual for a man to lose everything because of his gambling habits; from his property to his family.

This type of addiction can also be referred to as many other names such as compulsive gambling, gambling problem, pathological gambling, etc. As the nature of any addiction is to further fuel it, and the nature of the gambling industry is that the house always wins, it can quickly spin out of control.

Now, let’s talk about some Myths and Facts Regarding it

Myths and Facts

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Myth 1: You have to gamble every single day to become problematic

This is far from the truth, and ultimately a myth since many people gamble every day and don’t have problems with it. We mentioned it earlier, gambling becomes problematic if it frequently causes you problems.

Myth 2: It isn’t a problem if you can afford it

This is another myth regarding addiction and problems with gambling. Namely, not all problems because of excessive gambling are just financial. A lot of problems that stem from it mostly impact a person’s relationship, legal problems, mental health, anxiety, depression, anger, and oftentimes, suicide,

Myth 3: If you have a gambling problem, then you’re responsible or unintelligent yet this is another myth surrounding our issue. Much research has been done on the subject of social status and addiction regarding our problem. The research found that gambling addicts are people from all levels, regardless of social status, wealth, race, color, religion, etc. Even the most responsible people can create an addiction.

These are some of the myths surrounding it, now let’s discuss the symptoms and signs of an occurring addiction.

Signs and Symptoms

Like every other disorder, addiction, and even illness, there are certain signs and symptoms when it comes to detecting it. These can be categorized as “hidden” since we are not aware of them until they become obvious.

One of the most notable symptoms and signs of an addiction-related to gambling are:

Wanting to be Secretive About it

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You gamble in secret, then chances are you are addicted to it. This might be because you don’t want to tell your wife, husband, parents, or don’t want your children and friends to know about it. This is the first sign of a problematic addiction.

If You Have Trouble Keeping it in Control

The biggest difficulty, and the most obvious sign that you have a problem, is the inability to walk away when you start losing. Compulsive gamblers with addiction problems cannot stand losing, so they spend every last dollar they have. Once the cash dries up, they will go to an ATM and start withdrawing money from their debit cards.

When You Spend Money You Don’t Own

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This starts happening, then do know that you have a serious problem on your hand. When you start gambling with money that isn’t rightfully yours or for that purpose, such as your children’s money, money from a trust fund, next month’s rent, etc, then you should visit this link and learn more about your gambling addiction.

Overcoming the Addiction

Realizing that you have a problem is the first step to overcome it; a cliché but true none the less.

Sometimes, overcoming this problem takes help from friends and family, mostly in the form of moral support. But oftentimes, if the problem gets out of hand, you might already lose some friends and family.

So, the best way to overcome your addiction is to focus on yourself. Below, we give you a few tips about a possible solution.

If the addiction is an escape, then look for another way out

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People turn towards their addictions because it’s the only thing that can keep them in check. Other people just do it out of sheer boredom or loneliness.

So, then you need to look for another solution to the problem at hand. If you’re feeling lonely or bored, then simply go out in the park, see a movie, catch up with old friends.

You gamble as a way to blow off steam, or because it’s the only thing you know, then don’t feel this way as there are plenty of new things to learn.

Reach Out to Friends and Family

We mentioned, sometimes bonds can be completely broken before even realizing you need help in regards to your problem. Friends and family members have already abandoned you, and it’s not easy.

In this situation, reach out to those that are still left. Overcoming any addiction requires a lot of moral support, and you can even reach out to organizations that specialize in a particular addiction.

Join a Peer Support Group

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There are dozens of organizations and support groups that help cure you of your addiction. There are many out there and one of the more popular ones is Gamblers Anonymous. If you decide to join this support group, do know that you will meet lots of people that have had your problem, and some still do. These groups offer expert advice, listen to your problems, and help provide a viable solution.

Hesitate to join one of these groups as they can definitely turn your life around.