Exploring the Nightlife in Mumbai – 10 Places you must Visit in 2021

by Heather Cummins

Mumbai is an amazing city, and it has so much to offer. From the natural beauties to the unforgettable landscapes and extraordinary wildlife to the vast nightlife with bars, dance clubs, and live shows, this city has what it takes to make your visit worth remembering. Visitors across the globe have their favorites when it comes to the places to visit here, and we will list the most popular.

Cafe Leopold

Image source: traveltriangle.com

Like in every city, a cafe bar is one of the places where people will gather up and spend a pleasant time with friends. By being the cafe with the longest history, this cafe bar has been labeled as the favorite amongst the tourists and residents of the city, making an interesting mixture of nationalities and cultures. It is interesting that his one has not been ruined in the attacks which occurred on the twenty-six of November.

Bar Stock exchange

With an interesting name, and even more interesting way of working and drinks serving this is a place to visit while coming to Mumbai. As the name suggests the whole interior has been designed and decorated to represent a stock market. What is very peculiar is that the prices of individual drinks will vary as on a stock market. This bar will for sure stay in your memory for a very long time, just come suited up and enjoy this unique experience.


The anti-social is a specific place offering live music, the performers that do perform here are both locals and the ones that are internationally famous. With different genres, such as, jazz and electronic music, that are being played here, it is certain that you will find the performer that suits your specific taste.  Due to the popularity of this place by both the visitors and performers, the place is a very important part of the nightlife in this town and a place that needs to be visited.

Razzberry Rhinoceros

With such a unique name, there is nothing less than extraordinary to expect from this venue. It offers the live performance of artists of different genres, such as rock and blues. This place has made a comeback to the market and earned its place as one of the most popular amongst both local and international audiences, offering variety and uniqueness.

Places for dancing

There are a few places to go dancing while in Mumbai, and the ones that are very popular are playing both Indian and internationally popular artists and songs. One of the clubs that combine these two is the one called Tryst. On the other hand, if you want to experience true Bollywood moments, be free to visit clubs called Escobar and Hype.

Deltin Royale

This Casino is situated in the city center and it is one of the most popular places to visit. It has a lot of popular games that can be played, but as well as Indian Flush which is very popular amongst the players there. Not only that this is an amazing place to visit if you want to try your luck, but it offers a lot of different options when it comes to entertainment since it has live shows and different music performances.

If you are not in the mood to go and explore, or you are just fond of the quiet night at home but you still want to have fun, visit topslotsindia.com, and dive into the world of betting and gaming.

Toto’s Garage

This place is so different and unique that it is a true shame not to visit it. You can eat here, but as well have some chill-out time and fun with friends. Once you step into the place, you will see why it is called Toto’s garage since it has a bunker, from the famous Volkswagens model Beetle, which is set above the bar. The interior is designed in such a manner that it adds up to the whole feeling of being inside of the car body shop.


Image source; booking.com

If you are a wine lover and you would like to experience wine tasting in a whole different way since this place is positioned on the roof of the Four Seasons hotel. This enables an amazing view of the whole city. While the city is truly a unique way of decorating the venue, this place also offers a breeze of fresh air and amazing music, as well as a vast variety of oif drinks you can order. A similar place to visit if this one is full is Dome.

Marines Drives

If you are craving a peaceful night and extraordinary food this is a perfect choice. Located on the shore it provides a summer breeze and smell of the sea, by offering a vast variety of foods and drinks you can try out. So forget about the diet and what will the scale say, and dive into the extraordinary taste of India.

Doolally Taproom

Image source: assettype.com

If you are a fan of beer, never fear, there are a lot of good breweries that you can visit and try local products. A good way to get familiar with the country is through its foods and drinks and if you are someone who enjoys beer, be free to taste craft lager beer. Don’t be surprised by the working hours of the breweries, since they do stay open only till one hour after midnight.


Mumbai is a colorful city and it offers so much. From the places where you can eat and drink and explore the culture of the country through these. Places offer not only foods and drinks, but also a very unique experience since they have an interior designed to fascinate the customers. If you are a fan of dancing there are a lot of places where you can dance the night off and have true Bollywood experience. Breweries offer a lot of craft beers for the ones who enjoy this drink. If you are more of a cafe bar person, there are a lot of bars you can have a drink and most of them have both international and local people there, which is an excellent opportunity to get to know the country.


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