5 Daily Face Care Tips for Oily Skin

Taking care of your skin is one of the crucial, and probably the most demanding things. Unfortunately, too many of us decide to do this when it is almost too late. We realize we need to start using products when the first wrinkles or dark spots appear, and we expect miracles. The thing you need to remember is that you need to start applying the right products as early as possible, and just because you have a certain skin type, it does not mean that you can ignore all the things that should not happen. People with oily skin are not as prone to wrinkles as the ones with a dry dermis, however, the oil in it can produce a lot of black and whiteheads.

If you are prone to an oily epidermis, then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we are going to give you some daily face care tips, and we will help you find out how to battle the most common issues. Know that the things you read here are only recommendations, and it all depends on the overall condition of your dermis. For the best results, or if you have any specific face or skin issues, you need to consult with a dermatologist. Remember that the food we eat makes the biggest difference, so if you want to be less oily, then you need to drink more water, stay away from fatty foods, and you should lower the consumption of sweets and sugary drinks.

1. Clean it

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The first thing should go without saying, but we tend to forget about it too frequently. If you don’t want your pores to get clogged, you need to wash your face regularly. Never use water that is too hot. There is a myth going around that says that you should put extremely hot water on your body and face so that your pores open up. It is just a myth, and you will damage the first (few) layers of your dermis if you do that.

Find a product that is fit for your type, and note that if your face feels too dry after washing it, you should not continue to use that product. The goal is not to make your dermis dry; it is to make it normal.

2. Don’t scrub so much

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Now let’s talk about exfoliation. We believe that mechanical exfoliation is the best and that when you scrub so much you can almost feel your skin bleeding, then you are doing the right job. You should never do that, and you should not damage your epidermis.

If you want to get rid of all the excess sebum, then you need to be gentle, and you should do it no more than three times per week. For better results, use chemical exfoliators and pay attention to the instructions for use. When you scrub too much, and when you damage your layers, your body will produce more oils to help the sebum recover.

3. Use the right products

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One of the biggest mistakes we make is using products just because we’ve seen them online. Just because your favorite vlogger or influencer says something works for them, it does not mean it will work for you. You need to change your daily routine and adapt it to something that will help you.

According to Aquaplus, you should look for things whose main ingredient is water, and not oil. You don’t need to clog your pores even further, and you need something that will nourish your sebum. This applies to everything, starting from the toner, up to sunscreen, and makeup. Look for items that are made for oily and acne-prone skin, so you can give your dermis the right ingredients it deserves.

4. Your skin is thirsty

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You don’t need a miracle; you need something that will help your dermis hydrated! Many people believe that they need to just battle the oil, but in reality, our bodies produce more oil when they are thirsty.

This means that you have to combat the issue inside and out. First of all, you have to drink more water, and you need to apply things on your face that will give it the right amount of fluids. Hyaluronic acid is extremely recommended by experts as something that will revitalize and rejuvenate the dermis of your face. You can also look for moisturizers and serums that contain aqua, and that will help your epidermis heal.

5. Never sleep with makeup on

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Another thing that should go without saying, but we ignore it until it is too late. Are you aware of how many layers of products you have on your face? If you follow the right routine, then you put at least 4 different things before applying makeup. In addition to that, we put foundation, powders, highlighters, blush, and a layer of setting spray. Now imagine what that does to your sebum. Some days we wear all those layers for more than 10 hours, and if we sleep with them, we can torture our faces for more than 20 hours.

If you don’t want to clog your pores, and if you don’t want to wake up with so many new whiteheads, then you need to remove everything before you go to bed. In case you’ve had sunscreen on, you should double-cleanse to make sure it is all removed. If you stayed in all day long, and if you don’t have any products on your dermis, then just a regular wash with your preferred product is going to do the job.

Keep your hair away from your face and know that the oil that is produced in your head can easily transfer to your face. If you have oily hair, then, once again, use the right products, and don’t let it fall on your forehead all the time.

Know that using the right products is crucial, and sometimes they cost more than we think we should spend. By investing in one good item, you are going to do your body a great favor. Don’t put more layers than you need, and if you have any skin conditions, then it is always better to talk to a professional than to risk making things worse on your own.