Father refused to accept the daughter after confirming that she is still in love with her cousin

Karnataka: The high court is recently taking various measures to find out an accommodation for the girl who was ditched by her father.  A petition regarding the missing of a young girl was filed in the high court of Karnataka a few days back. The father, in a desire to trace her daughter and get her back approached the high court. However, when he was informed that the girl was still not ready to leave her beloved cousin (her aunt’s son), his father taking a harsh action, neither accepted her nor took her back.


According to the recent judgment made by the high court, the police were instantly directed to take this girl to her aunt’s residence. As per the Indian regulations, if a parent abandons their child then it becomes the responsibility of the court to make decision as per their parents and find her a suitable accommodation. The judgment made on June 13 clearly stated that the girl should be directed to her Aunt’s residence i.e., at Mandya street, Mallavali Talluk.

Initially, the case began when a 41-year-old person filed a case regarding the absence of her daughter. He desired to find her out and get back her home. According to his statement, 2 months prior to the incident, his sister along with his brother-in-law approached him and consulted regarding the alliance of her daughter with their son. However, irrespective of their relations, this man declined the proposal as he did not wanted his daughter getting married to his sister’s son.


His daughter was found missing from May 17th when she went for assembling some essential application forms from her university. However, her father got tensed as she didn’t return home after that. His father straight visited Mandya district and reached his elder sister’s home to check if his daughter is there. Surprisingly, he came to know that his nephew is also missing from the same date. The parents couldn’t connect with their children as their mobiles were off. The father instantly arrived at the nearby police station and filed a complaint to trace his daughter and nephew.


The court hearing was scheduled for June 12. Fortunately, police were able to trace the missing girl and brought her to the court on the same day. On hearing the girl’s side, she confirmed that she was not willing to abandon her aunt’s son at any cost. Furthermore, she confirmed that she is only going to abide by her parents if they approve of their relationship. Father said that the girl was giving such statement only due to the influence if her lover. The court finally decided to accommodate her in Balakiyara Bala Mandira. She is now being cared under the department of women and child welfare.

The father put two choices In front of the court i.e., she can either come back home and marry the guy he would select for her or he would abandon her.