Kangna’s Love Towards Regional Films: To Play a Lead Role in Jayalalithaa’s Biopic

Bollywood Biopics have stunned the fans and have gathered more audience interactions leading to increase in Market for Biopic Films in the Industry. Kangna Ranaut has always been enthusiastic to in-act different roles in different regions and is now determined to pursue the lead role in MultiLingual Jayalalithaa’s Biopic. Recently, Ranbir Kapoor has won Best … Read more

Radhika Apte: The known Star with an unknown story

Gone are the days when Indian audience loved the “hero’s love interest” or a female presence on the screen. Whose only job was to look pretty and support the male actor. Talking about a modern day actress who believes in performance and talent, Radhika Apte is one such name that pops up first in the … Read more

Mahila Jawans depicting India’s liberalization

Along with having goosebumps to see the first ever all-women contingent of Assam Rifles, it is a moment to feel proud of our Mahila jawans who are showing such bravery and valour.  The Republic Day Celebration They are only a few who realize their duty towards their nation whatever the gender is. Thanx to present … Read more