5 Reasons Why It Is Hard To Find Apartments For Rent In Dubai

by Mitov Mitrovski

Due to its high standard of living and good earnings, The United Arab Emirates is one of the most globally desirable work destinations. Is there a place in the Emirates for those who are interested to come and live there? What awaits you when you decide to have your temporary address, for example, in Dubai? Many people claim that it is not easy to get an apartment for rent there. This is true in some way. Therefore, we will give you 5 reasons why it is hard to find apartments for rent in Dubai.

Dubai: Rules That Must Be Followed

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Dubai is known as one of the most glamorous and richest cities in the world. This city-state is full of extravagant buildings, expensive cars, crazy nightlife, and luxury yachts. This pearl of the Middle East is also a real tourist Mecca. Yet, unlike the image of this heavenly glitter served to tourists – there is that other side of Dubai – ordinary life. Is it even possible to achieve this and how? Let’s start with the simple assumption that you came to Dubai for work. The first thing to do is to get acquainted with the rules. The most important warning is: You will have to inquire about the details for each emirate separately. Rules, laws, regulations, and customs vary. Here we are talking only about some, who dominate the two largest cities – Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Life In Dubai

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Nearly five million people live in the Emirates. Almost 75% of them are foreigners – that is, people who moved there for work. One of the first things you have to regulate when you move to Dubai is housing. Dubai is known as an expensive and luxurious place. Therefore, the question arises: How to find an adequate apartment, at an adequate price that you can afford? Yes, it can sometimes be very difficult. Although the real estate market has seen a significant drop in prices in recent years – Dubai is still very expensive to live in. Immigrants who come here for work can expect to pay more than half of the average salary on rent. However, the good thing is that with that price comes quality, not to say luxury. Also, the hospitality of the hosts is such that you will feel at home in this desert country.

Reasons Why It Is Hard To Find An Apartment For Rent In Dubai

As we said at the beginning, Dubai can offer you a lot, but some are old and not very easy to realize. According to Yalla.deals, when you’re looking for apartments for rent in Dubai – sometimes you have to put in some extra effort. And on that website, you can find a large variety of flats, at different places in Dubai. Finding an apartment has never been easier. Here are some reasons why it will not be so easy for you to find an apartment in Dubai.

1. Strict Lease Agreements

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When it comes to real estate renting – in Dubai, you can find almost anything you want. Everything is at your disposal – from small studios, through apartments in residential complexes, to houses and luxury villas. The thing that you have to keep in mind is the terms of the lease agreement. The minimum period for which real estate is rented in Dubai is one year. If you violate such an agreement for any reason – you’ll be obliged to pay a fine that is quite high. Moreover, for such a reason, many landlords will require you to write pre-written checks a year in advance. The thing that every landlord will ask for – is a deposit of 3 months. If you are interested in short-term leases, you can find that too. However, in that situation, it is far wiser for you to take a thorough look at the property before you decide to pay for the apartment and sign the contract.

2. High Rental Prices

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The biggest problem for most people who come to live in Dubai is the price of apartments for rent. Namely, renting is rather expensive. Although when you work in Dubai you can expect to make good money – still, a large part of your earnings will go to renting real estate and high costs of living in this city. If we reduce the rental prices to an average – we could say that annual rent ranges from 8500 to 14000 dollars for a small studio. If you need a little more space, you can count that you will spend a sum of 20,000-30000 dollars for a 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom apartment. Not to mention the regular living costs and the fact that the cheapest cell phone package will cost you over 25$.

3. Rent To Foreigners

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We have already mentioned that lease agreements have a minimum term of one year – and this must be strictly adhered to. However, what is good – is the fact that the law in Dubai does not favor anyone. Both landlords and tenants have equal rights. When it comes to the search for an apartment, it doesn’t have to last long because the offer is quite adequate. You can find furnished but also unfurnished houses and apartments. Of course, according to this fact, the rental price will depend. When we talk about foreigners who most often rent apartments – they come to Dubai mostly for work. In these situations, you can always reach an agreement with the employer. Namely, some employers will find an apartment or provide the employee with housing compensation. Then the whole job around housing can be made much easier.

4. Rules When Renting Apartments

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Although we generally think that the procedure is the same everywhere – it can always deviate a little. Therefore, when you go to the Emirates, try to follow the rules that apply in each of the Emirates individually, because they can be different. This primarily refers to the rental procedure, legalization of the contract, but also the payment of deposits.

5. Location

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As everywhere, the rental price depends on the location. If money is not your most important problem – it is important to keep in mind the location of the apartment. You need to know that the roads in Dubai are often very crowded – so traveling to work and back home can sometimes be time-consuming.

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