Where to find Tamil Music Online

Tamil music is possible one of the most popular music genres in the whole of India.

India, as you might know, has huge population numbers that can rival those of China. Naturally, this makes India one of the most highly diverse cultures in the music industry.

Yes, many music genres are closely tied with the region where its listeners live. In India, some of these are Tamil, Telugu, Raga, Qawwali, Carnatic, and even Bollywood has its own music.

We mentioned Tamil, and this is going to be the focus of this article. Music is very popular in India. Not only that, but it is deeply rooted into the culture and traditions of the people.

Naturally, with such a high focus on the industry, calls for making it more accessible were more and more frequent. Add to the fact that the Internet is becoming more and more accessible by the people and you’ve got yourself a real “place” to listen to Tamil songs.

Of course, we’re talking about the World Wide Web. So, here are the best websites where you can find Tamil Music Online.

1. Gaana

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Gaana is a website where you can make your own playlist out of Tamil songs. Not only that, but can also browse songs, listen to the radio, discover upcoming artists, listen to podcasts, and even learn about the history of the music.

It’s a wonderful website that has hundreds if not thousands of artists and songs all available for you to listen at any time.

2. Jiosaavn

Jiosaavn is a very popular website that many Indians visit daily.

This is because Jiosaavn offers the people some cool features that keep them up to date with Tamil songs. For example, you have a weekly top songs section that ranks each song as it comes out.

You have to option to listen to a lot of genres of music such as Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, etc.

Jiosaavn has a very rich library of songs, and you can even listen to entire albums.

3. Tunein

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Probably the best looking website that also makes navigation a piece of cake, Tunein is a popular website where you can find your favorite Tamil artists.

It has a couple of features such as radio, recent songs, trending list, podcasts, forum, and even news about music and sport. You can sort songs by either language or location, and you can even download the app to listen on the go.

There is also the option of making an account, which allows you to create your very own playlist.

4. OnlineRadios

The purpose of this website is solely to listen to the most popular radio stations India has.

As you might think, radio is the primary source for entertainment; especially when it comes to Tamil songs. There are close to a hundred of radio stations and you can even browse by popularity so you’ll know which is best rated.

A very cool feature is that you can even include a radio the platform doesn’t have, and that could be your very own.

5. Masstamilan

Yet another very cool-looking website to find Tamil music is Masstamilan. Masstamilan has a huge selection of songs that you can listen on your PC or on the go. There is a trending section, where you can discover the most trending songs, a category section, popular artists, and even actors that have songs in Bollywood.

You can even browse by year, browse by music producer, and search a particular song.

6.   Mio

A very colorful website, Mio is yet another popular website in the Tamil world that offers its listeners the best choice of music.

Apart from the big trending section that welcomes you as you visit the website, Mio has dozens of genres of stretching from movie songs all the way to traditional and pop.

You can search by albums, by songs, create your own playlist, listen to radio, and even upload your own music.

7.   Raaga

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When it comes to good-looking websites for listening to music, Raaga is definitely one of those.

Raaga also has its very own app that lets you take the experience to the mobile screens.

This platform has numerous features such as radio, songs, discover, popular, create your own playlist, and dozens of genres for you to choose.

It has a trending feature and a top 10 feature that ranks songs in popularity. With an emphasis on Tamil music, raga is definitely one website you should visit if you’re a fan of the genre.

8. TamilMp3Plus

A website that is sort of like a huge collection of songs, TamilMp3Plus is an online mp3 player that has thousands of artists for you to listen to.

Not only that, but you can even browse songs that have appeared in popular movies from Bollywood. The website has a feature each week where it gives you an artist to listen to. The artist is sometimes popular, but oftentimes is someone relatively unknown so you can get to know his songs better.

This is a fun way of discovering artist, and one that Indian folks definitely love and appreciate.

9. Times Music Online

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By now you’ve probably concluded that focusing on good looks is definitely something that Indian website designers practice.

Times Music Online is yet another huge library with thousands of songs for the listener to enjoy.

There are multiple ways for you to browse songs, and the most convenient one seems to be by artist. Other means include by deities, festivals, and raga.

To further explain what we just said, Times Music Online has a huge collection of traditional and folk songs. Although there is a Pop category, which is essentially modern Tamil music, the main purpose of the website is to be the traditional entertainment hub of the online world in India.

There are dozens of other websites that provide the user a lot of enjoyment while browsing songs to listen. These are out favorite ones and the ones we recommend, but you can definitely find others that might suit you better.