Finding Love – Start from Your Own Community

by Marco P.

At one point or the other in our life, we all seem to be looking for love. We dream of that ideal person who will show up, sweep us off our feet and we would live happily ever after. And then we grow up and realize that there is a lot more than that first emotional response. We need to consider compatibility, life goals, family values, and this is why it tends to be easier to find someone within our own community. For a lot of us, this means our religious community, so exploring Christian dating options might be the first natural step if that is where you belong. Of course, there are other numerous benefits of finding a partner within your community, so let’s see what some of them are, according to

You Will Understand Each Other Better

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If you share the same values and are brought up in the same faith, you will be able to understand one another far better. For example, like two Christian loving individuals, you will put your love of God first and you will act in accordance with the teachings in the Bible. This means that your views regarding family, morals and virtue are bound to be similar.

Therefore, you will be able to build a meaningful relationship far more easily than you would with someone of a different religious background. This might seem a bit harsh, but according to some sources, inter-faith marriages have a failure rate that is 50% higher than same-faith marriages. This is not to say that same-faith marriages don’t have problems, but they can be solved more easily if both partners turn to the same religious texts for guidance.

The Community Will Be Far More Supportive

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At some point in our lives, we all say that we don’t essentially care about what others think as long as our partner loves us and we are happy. However, this, in most cases doesn’t last long. We want our friends and family to be supportive of our choice and we want them to cheer us on. So opting to find a partner among the available Christian singles might be a good choice if you come from a Christian community with strong beliefs and values. You will be met with far greater understanding, and even get the support system that can have a positive impact on your entire relationship.

Raising Children Will Be Far Less Challenging

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Again, this does not mean that couples that come from different communities cannot have a great family life and raise good, well-behaved children. It simply means that there are fewer obstacles when it comes to having a partner that comes from your community. You’ll want the same thing for your little ones, to baptize them at the same church, to teach them the same moral and religious values and to have them grow up within the community that brought you and your partner up. It is as simple as that.

So if you are looking for love and that one ideal person to live happily ever after with and raise a family with, maybe starting the search within your community might be the best option. You can visit the local church or neighborhood events and gatherings, join some volunteer groups that help within your community. That way you can meet more people who share your view of the world and your values. And who knows, your future partner might be closer than you think. And all it will take is to become more involved in the community you already respect and love so much.

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