7 Tips For Finding Luxury Eyeglasses

Sunglasses can protect your eyes from the harmful radiation of ultraviolet (UV) rays. You can treat yourself to designer eyeglasses once in a while, but not all of them are the same. There are still factors that you need to think about to get the most out of your hard-earned money. Below are tips on how you can find the best luxury eyeglasses for you.

1. Get An Updated Prescription

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Luxury eyewear is not just about style and shape. More than anything else, the functionality must be a priority. Finding both style and substance in luxury eyewear is a must to get your money’s worth.

But before buying, make sure that you have the latest prescription from your ophthalmologist. Your prescription must be the latest one because eye grades can change over time. Prescriptions can last up to two years for adults and a year for kids and teens.

If you’re ready, you can start browsing luxury glasses online. Doing so, according to Chinatown Optical Group, helps you get an idea of the styles, designs, and types of frames to choose from. You can also start comparing prices, styles, and designs from various luxury brands.

2. Face Shape

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Any eyewear should complement the shape of your face. There are four types of face shapes: round, oblong, diamond, square, and heart. The lens or frame shape you should get must also look great on your face shape. Here’s a short but simple guide below:

  • Round – Full cheeks, round chin, with the length and width tend to be equal. Wear glasses with wide frames and with either round, oblong, or cat-eye lens shapes.
  • Oblong or Oval – the proportions are balanced, with high cheekbones and a small chin. You will look best with just about any eyeglass shape such as round, square, or cat-eye.
  • Diamond – You have wide cheekbones and a narrow chin. You can look for wide angular frames and semi-rimless designs.
  • Square – You tend to have a broad forehead and prominent jawline. Round and oval frames with neutral shades will look good on you.
  • Heart – You have high cheekbones, a broad forehead, and a pointed chin. Wear eyeglasses with light-colored frames that are wider than your forehead.

3. Frame Material

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The frames are partially responsible for the feel, weight, and durability of your eyeglasses. While the most popular materials are metal and plastic, each varies in composition. Aside from that, there are many kinds of metal frames. This includes Titanium, stainless steel, Flexon, Monel, and Aluminum.

When looking into metallic frames, you must take note that some are more flexible while others are highly resistant to corrosion. Others are more lightweight, and for those with sensitive skin, you would need hypoallergenic options.

Plastic eyewear may be a great choice for many as they are not as expensive, but you can still enjoy and pick out from selections that are best for your features. Some of these frames are for athletic use because of their flexibility and moldability. They are also lightweight and very durable.

4. Pupillary Distance

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If you’re experiencing eye strains because of your current eyeglasses, it could be that the interpupillary or pupillary distance (PD) of the lenses is incorrect. The pupillary space is just as important as your current prescription. The distance between the eyes is a standard 62mm, but it can vary among eyeglass wearers. The measurement can range from 53 to 77 (men) and a smaller 51 and 74.5mm (women).

You can also measure the PD vertically from nose to pupil. Measurements tend to be more accurate, as some people believe that these are not equal on each side of the nose. Those looking for reading glasses, or are farsighted, should subtract three from their pupillary distance.

You can measure the interpupillary distance at home using a ruler and by standing in front of the mirror. You will also need to close one eye to make it easier for you. If you’re having difficulty, you may also ask the help of a friend to measure it for you.

5. Extra Features

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Luxury glasses may also come with extra features for additional eye protection, such as polarized lenses against UV rays. Photochromic lenses are also best for individuals with light sensitivity and who often spend a lot of time outdoors.

On the other hand, if you like extra durable lenses, you can get one that’s made from polycarbonate lenses as these are made from the same material as space shuttle windows that essentially shatter- and scratch-proof.

Some lenses have a coating on the back of the glasses to prevent glare and reflections that cause distractions. Eyeglasses with those extra add-ons can be requested from your ophthalmologist. You can ask for further information about the pros and cons of such features.

6. Purpose

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Do you tend to keep just one pair of eyeglasses? Why not purchase more than one pair for various purposes. You can get a pair each for work, casual strolls, and social events. You have various styles to choose from. There are eyeglasses with solid color frames, while some have a touch of sophistication that you can wear with formal apparel. There are also frameless eyeglasses that fit individuals who want a subtle look.

Eyeglasses for driving are vital. They can help you keep a clear focus to compensate for your poor eyesight. When it comes to these types of glasses, consider the tint and dye density as well. Your eyeglasses can make a huge difference on the road.

7. Hair Color

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Aside from the face shape, you must choose eyeglasses that would complement your hair color. This makes you look more well-put-together, and it’s great if you want to highlight certain features of your face.

Black, gold, and silver metallic frames would look best for those with black hair as they will pop out. Light brown-haired people would look great with black and blue frames, or turquoise for those with dark brown hair. Pink, blue, and red frames work best if you have blond hair. If you have flowing grey hair, check out blue, green, and red frames.

In Conclusion

Luxury eyewear can be considered a necessity, especially for those who rely on glasses to get clearer eyesight. However, the perceived luxury and brand name should not be the only consideration when you’re looking for eyeglasses. You must still get a luxury eyeglass that is comfortable, durable, and complements your overall features as well.

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