Gabriel Patterson, A Fitness Expert Explains How to Avoid the Freshman 15 in College

There are many things responsible for the weight that first-year college students put on during their first semester in college. The opportunity to eat junk food whenever they want and the often unlimited amount of food offered by the dining hall during meals are significant factors. Also, many people go from active high school lives to stationary college lives. Alcohol is another factor. Use these tips from Gabriel Patterson, Winnipeg fitness leader, to avoid putting on the freshman 15.

Walk to class

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If you attend a school where your classes are reasonably close to each other and your dorm, try walking to class instead of driving or taking a shuttle. Walking is good exercise and can save you a lot of money on gas and parking.

Choose healthy options in the dining hall

The dining halls are great. They often provide many food options and allow you to eat as much as you want. Many dining halls also offer desserts and ice cream with a meal. It’s easy to relish in the opportunity to eat your fill of unhealthy dining hall food, but this is a quick way to put on weight. Try to choose healthy options and watch your portion sizes.

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Limit the late-night junk food runs

Late-night eating seems to be a staple of college life. Pizza, fast food, and breakfast food run in the wee hours of the morning aren’t unusual for college students. These can put weight on a person rapidly. Have fun and spend time with your friends, but watch the late-night junk food if you don’t want to put on the freshman 15.

Get involved with intramural sports

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Intramural sports are one of the best parts of college. The opportunity to continue to play sports in a competitive environment is exhilarating for many former high school athletes. Find a team to join or create one yourself. Play sports that you have played before and try new ones.

“Many schools offer a ton of great intramural opportunities, from badminton to flag football. Playing intramural sports will keep you active and are amazing fun,” stated Gabriel Patterson of Winnipeg.

Maintain a fitness regimen

Most schools offer students free use of the school gym. Take advantage of this, and get a workout in a few times a week.

Avoid alcohol

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Alcohol is perhaps the biggest culprit of the freshman 15. Alcoholic beverages are a source of empty calories and are responsible for the weight gain of many people. It’s best to avoid it. Besides, most freshmen are underage anyway.

The freshman 15 isn’t inevitable. It’s important to make reasonable diet choices and stay active. Fortunately, there are ways to stay fit during your first semester of college.