Garmin vs Apple Smartwatch – Which one To Choose

Smart watches will make your life healthier, more practical and more beautiful. In addition to reading the time, they have functions such as heart rate measurement, distance measurement or email reading, among others. These devices usually need to be paired with a smartphone to work. Some of the most famous brands are Garmin and Apple, and today we will compare them. In order to really help you access all the information faster and easier and make your everyday life easier, you should carefully choose their features.

If you didn’t believe until now that this gadget is not a useful investment, you will probably change your mind after reading the rest of the text. After learning a little more about these models, you will be able to set criteria when purchasing. You will know which features are more useful to you and how to find the right offer.



How long does a Garmin smartwatch battery last? Their models are actually mostly intended for people who are often outdoors. The main reason is the excellent battery life, but also the very clear screen. It will be very clear even in bright sunlight. Thanks to the longer battery life, it will stay on your body for a longer period of time and that means better sleep tracking.

The Garmin Connect app can be installed on iOS devices. Garmin watches users may not have a watch that is as polished and integrated with ios as users of a particular model of apple smartwatch. This means that you should not expect a better system than the competition. On the other hand, expect excellent compatibility with the Google operating system. It also provides much better fitness stats than the Apple device. In that case, you get much more precise and relevant data.



The biggest advantage of Apple watch is that every model will work perfectly with your iPhone. Regardless of whether it is an older or a newer version of the watch, it will always integrate with the smartphone. All the fun options will be available to you, and newer versions come equipped. That’s why their models are very expensive.

Their devices have long been known for their sophisticated appearance. Because of this, it will look better to many users than most other brands. Although tastes differ, their smartwatches are probably more aligned with the style norms of popular devices. Of course, the company invests equal resources in internal features.

Garmin vs Apple smartwatch

In the last few years it has become increasingly difficult to choose between these two models. Both companies have excellent smartwatch offerings, as well as large loyal customer bases. However, there are a few differences that we will highlight. Before that, we need to take a look at their strengths and similarities. To help you decide which brand is better for you, we will point out important items to consider. First of all, these are their characteristics and purpose.

Although both brands offer quality models, Garmin attracts a much more hardcore customers. This applies primarily to people who are engaged in fitness, and the reason is numerous features. Their concept will be more suitable for people who run marathons and are serious about sports. One of the reasons is the joint maps, but also many other useful functions. This helps the exercisers to perform a better analysis of work and fitness during training time.

How do you know which smartwatch you need?


In addition to showing the time, a smart watch can help you save time and take better care of your health. These aren’t the only features that today’s models have, but that makes it much harder to choose. Many cannot decide on a smartwatch that will perfectly suit their needs and habits, but do not despair. This process doesn’t have to be complicated. All that is required is to recognize the key features when purchasing. To begin with, think about why you want it. Think of it as a small computer or phone, because it really is.

Lately they are also great fashion accessories. Previously, these models were large, unsightly and certainly not something you would want to show off in public. Fortunately, now you can wear them to the most formal events. So think about how to use it. Depending on that, choose from the three most common categories. These are classic, hybrid or sports smartwatches. When we talk about their features, consider the operating system. It is important because that way you will know if it is compatible with your smartphone device. For example, Garmin uses its own operating systems that are equally compatible with Android and iPhone. In addition, there are several other important features that you should consider.

What smartwatch features should you consider?

Most smartwatches have LED or OLED displays. OLED displays more beautiful colors, blacks are darker and content is clearer. Which option is better is a completely subjective decision because it depends on what you like better. Smart watches with a touch screen prevail due to the speed of use, but if it is more important for you to use it as simply as possible. Do you prefer round or square screens? This also depends on your taste. Note that watches with a square screen will display more content.

Another popular feature is GPS and it is an integral part of sports smartwatches. It’s a great option if you run or hike a lot. You will also like it if you want to follow a daily route. In addition, you can also pay with your watch. In that case you will need NFC, and payment systems depend on the brand. For example, the Apple Watch uses Apple Pay while others may use Google Pay or something else. Fitness features can significantly improve your training experience or help with health issues.

For example, advanced options like ECG can indicate irregular heartbeats during rest or activity. There is also an option to read the percentage of oxygen in the blood and monitor respiratory conditions. Last but not least is the battery. Features have a big impact on her. Depending on your selection, you can shorten or extend its duration. Also check if the smartwatch supports the apps you use regularly.


Most watches on the market offer the above functionalities, but depending on your preferences, the watch may be more for social interactions or fitness. Do not forget about sports activities, because there are different levels of water resistance. Pay attention to the markings.

So, device features and personal preferences are crucial when buying. A well-known brand or an expensive price does not always mean quality. So don’t take shortcuts in shopping if you want to buy a smartwatch that will last you a long time and with which you will be satisfied.