Why You Need to Get Your Basement into Good Shape

When it comes to the basement area in your Raleigh home, it is important to remember the importance of taking care of the room. Even if you do not use the room and rarely go down there, you still have to look after it in order to ensure your main home does not suffer. This is because the condition of your basement can have a huge impact on other areas and aspects of your home, so you need to ensure you look after it if you want to protect your property.

The good news is that you can turn to basement experts in order to get your basement into shape and even get it protected through waterproofing. If your basement is currently in a bad state of repair, you should get this type of work carried out sooner rather than later to save yourself a lot of headaches, money, time, and stress. In addition, this can benefit your home in a variety of ways, some of which we will look at in this article.

If your basement walls are bowing, tipping, or shearing (the top of the wall is moving inward while the bottom stays put), experts will usually choose carbon fiber straps. Surrounded by dirt, basement foundations are exposed to underground, unseen elements. One of the largest elements that play into foundation damage is water. Don’t let your foundation damage go unnoticed. Call foundation professionals today for a free inspection and estimate.

How Looking After Your Basement Benefits Your Home

If you have a wet or leaking basement, we can install an interior waterproofing system to drain water out of your home and keep your basement clean and dry. Interior waterproofing is typically a more simple and affordable solution for basement drainage.

Basements tend to be more humid than the rest of the house because they’re surrounded by soil. Since increased humidity promotes mold and mildew growth, homeowners should try to keep their home’s basement at an ideal basement humidity level. Professional basement waterproofing can turn just about any damp, moldy basement into a dry, comfortable living space.

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There are many ways in which looking after your basement can benefit your home. This is why you need to ensure it is properly looked after and kept in a good state of repair. Some of the ways it can benefit your home are:

You Can Enjoy Having More Space

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One of the benefits of having a basement that is in good shape is that you can look forward to having more usable space in your home. If your basement is in bad shape, it is essentially an entire room that goes to waste in your property. If you struggle for space in your home, this is a room that could really come in useful with plenty of extra space for you to use. However, if the space is in bad shape, you cannot really use it even to store things, as it will cause damage to everything you put down there.

You Can Convert into a Great Room

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Another reason you should get your basement area into good shape is that it means you can convert the room and create a really exciting and unique space in your home. You can turn this space into one of a wide range of rooms depending on your budget, needs, and preferences. Some people turn their basement into a great home gym while others add unique appeal by creating a basement bar in their very own home.

Your Property Value Can Rocket

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It is also worth remembering that when your basement is in good shape, it can have a positive impact on your property value. First off, waterproofing your basement and getting repairs carried out can help to prevent a range of issues around the home that can lead to extensive damage. This includes pests, mold, and dampness. Second, if you create a usable space and convert the basement, it can add a huge amount to your property value.

It may surprise many homeowners, but basements aren’t destined to be damp. A damp basement means you have a problem somewhere, and you shouldn’t ignore it. A wet basement will lead to mold, allergen-filled air in your home’s living area, and eventually structural damage and costly repairs. Basement waterproofing done properly protects your health and your home’s structural integrity.

These are some of the reasons you should get your basement into good shape

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However, you might wonder how a finished basement can add value to your property. Basements have the potential to add to your home immensely. By finishing it, you can get usable living space or create a rec room for your child or the child within you has been longing for. Here are some of the ways finishing your basement can increase the property’s value.

  • Additional Bedroom

Once you have finished your basement, you can get an additional guest bedroom your house might be lacking. However, in most towns, for a room to be considered a bedroom, it must have two sources of egress. Egress refers to an exit point in a room and is a mandatory condition for a space to be called a bedroom.

For instance, you could call a window an egress point as long as a firefighter can fit through it. Adding an egress could prove to be some work but will eventually add value to your home if you plan to resell it.

  • Rec Room/ Additional Storage Space

A great way to skyrocket your property’s price is to add a rec room to it. Additional storage space or rec room can be a significant deal sealer if your potential buyers enjoy a little fun right within the comfort of their homes.

You can also charge extra and get an incredible return on investment by finishing your basement as a storage space or rec room. It is an unexpected bonus, even for you (if you do not end up selling your place), as a night with the guys in the basement playing Fifa is always fun.

  • Rental Unit

Yes, additional income! One of the driving factors for any individual to invest in their property is the prospect of extra income. Once you are done with your basement, you can rent it out to a student or anyone who needs a couch bedroom or studio space. A few extra bucks for years could be the most practical motivation to finish off your basement or embark on the journey of flipping it entirely.

  • Additional Bathroom

Do you want an extra bathroom with the most luxurious jacuzzi space? Yes, your basement can be the one area in your property where you can install it. Although tilling the bathroom may cost you some money but think about the value it would add to your property if you ever try to resell it. Apart from this, the functionality it would offer to have multiple bathrooms in your home is beyond imagination!

Now that you understand what you can make of your basement once you finish it, do not wait anymore and get on with it today! Although it may not fall under “livable square footage,” remodeling your basement can come with benefits that you can definitely reap later.

Apart from this, extending your basement is the only way to increase usable space in your home, considering the many zoning restrictions set in place by the authorities in various states.