Get Insider Access To OnePlus 6 to Launch on Wednesday, May 16th

After the continuous leaks and controversy regarding the launch of oneplus 6, the company has finalized the launch of the model on Wednesday, May 16th. The initial flagship of oneplus 6 is going to be exposed globally in 2018 at a famous occasion organized in London.

As per the recent reports and rumours, the Oneplus 6 (that is launching today) is an initial model by the company and it has been revealed that OnePlus 6T is going to be launched in a few months. One Plus had previously launched OnePlus 5T after OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 3T following OnePlus 3 a year ago. Some of the key benefits you can avail from this model are as follows:

Design – with the availability of this Smartphone in the two finishes i.e., a Matte black and the Mirror Black, the screen has the measurement of approximately 2.5 D with the curved back and front sides. The name itself suggests that unlike the Matte black that has a flat display, the Mirror Black model of OnePlus 6 will have a chrome shaped screen.

Specifications – according to the advertisement made by OnePlus 6 in Amazon, the model comprises an internal memory of 256 GB with the Random Access Memory (RAM) 8 GB. As per the statement given by the co-founder of OnePlus company i.e., Carl Pei, the model is featuring a 6.28-inch display.

The leaked information regarding the camera suggests that the model comprises a 20 Mega Pixel camera on the rear end whereas 16 Mega Pixel Camera is designed at the front end to let the users take the benefits of amazing selfies. Coming to the batteries, there has no update analyzed after the last revelation of 3,300 mAh. Apart from the main components, onePlus 6 also comprises a speaker cited at the bottom portion of the model, 3.3 mm headphone jack, and the USB port.

Besides the above-listed features, it has bees also observed that OnePlus 6 is the very first model designed by the Chinese producer that includes IP rating i.e., the Smartphone is going to be water and dirt resistant.

According to the user’s review, there are the couple of things that could be added to the model such as a wireless charging option, extension in the Random access memory i.e., it should be at least 12 GB, enhancement in the size of a camera for better selfies, and an under display fingerprint reader. Though the above-mentioned features are missing in this model, the same would have a great impact on 2018 Smartphone Buyers. So let’s wait for the final launch of onePlus 6.