How to Easily Get More YouTube Watch Time

It can be quite hard to achieve YouTube monetization, right? You are able to only monetize your YouTube channel when you have got a minimum of 1,000 YouTube subscribers and 4,000 watch time in the past 12 months.

For many people, 4,000 hours of watch time (equal to 24,000 minutes) is a pretty higher goal to achieve. Many YouTube channels have many content videos with over 20,000 views, however, they still don’t satisfy that goal, therefore, they cannot get paid on YouTube. If you are looking to increase more youtube subscribers and watch time then you must-visit sites like Youtubestorm where you can get all the necessary help.

However, let’s not lose heart!

Instead of sensation disheartened, try out some of our strategies to enhance your YouTube watch time. Not to mention, the greater number of times viewers will stop by and watch your videos, the more potential subscribers you will reach!

Check Out Your Watch Hours

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The first step in enhancing watch time is finding out what it is. To accomplish this, log into your YouTube app and open up your Creator Studio.

As soon as you are on this page, simply tap the ‘Analytics’ button from the left-hand menu, and alter the view to “the last 365 days” in the chart that presents itself.

This can tell you the number of minutes people invested watching your video in that time frame (whole year). Your target of 4,000 watch hours is equivalent to 240,000 minutes or so. If you’ve gained that – great job!

If you are still far away from the 4,000 watch hours, you would like to start to look at some methods to boost your watch time. Here are a few tips that we have done before, and they really are work!

Choose the Right Time to Upload

Among the best approaches to increase watch time is usually to give your video a higher ranking on search results. Getting a higher ranking on YouTube can get you more views. Far more views = much more watch time!

How to get a higher ranking? Speak briefly, with more audiences, your video can get a higher ranking. So, picking a great time to post is an important thing to increase the visibility, easily getting more audiences for your video. For example, the best time to post on Instagram is lunchtime and evenings when most people are spending their rest time surfing Instagram.

Same as that, we’d suggest posting your YouTube videos around noon, which gives your video time to be recognized by YouTube before peak viewing hours (8 – 9 pm). As for weekends, it is a great choice to post just a little earlier, and remember to avoid Mondays. People normally have no mood for watching videos on Monday (You know why).

Purchase YouTube Watch Time

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Many people think that buying YouTube watch time will damage their channels or anything else. But the fact is as long as you find a credible company to buy YouTube watch time, your account, as well as your channel, will be 100% risk-free.

Getting more watch time is beneficial in multiple ways, you will be getting a lot more organic traffic and views, as said by Famous Follower.

And our friends said they saw the video of ours on his recommended page (He even didn’t subscribe to our channel). All this because of buying YouTube watch time. It is like magic!

So if you guys don’t have much time to market your videos, or you are a newcomer on YouTube, I highly recommend this technique. With the help of professionals, you can spend more time on creating high-quality videos.

Use Playlists

Creating playlists is a great technique you definitely should try. With a great playlist, viewers are able to watch videos one by one, largely increasing their retention on your video, therefore, your YouTube watch time will boost.

Also, a big secret! Viewers don’t have to be seeing your video to enhance your watch time.

Truth is when an audience starts watching your video and carries on watching a playlist, it doesn’t matter whether the videos in the playlist belong to you or others, you can gain watch time anyway!

To obtain the good thing about this attribute, make certain all your videos are in playlists, you need to spend a little time creating playlists that offer other people’s video after your own personal video.

Add Teasing Words

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Typically, when people observe a YouTube video, they lose interest easily. You’ll know this can happen when your view time displays a sizable fall soon after just a couple of seconds of your video. It is hurtful to see, but it really takes place.

The great thing is you are able to reduce this by adding some interesting parts of your video to attract people and continue watching. Some useful ways are to add “Hey, this video will be about…” at the beginning of your video, perform some giveaways, or say “Watch till the end to see…” like other YouTubers. In this way, there is a great chance viewer will remain on your video and not leave too soon.

Reflect Your Content Accurately

One of the most popular reasons behind very low watch time on YouTube videos is people simply quit watching because the video content isn’t what’s predicted. You might create a great title and thumbnails. But it only helps to attract more views, however, doing nothing to increase your watch time. Just like, your video gains 5,000 views, but each view only watches your video for 5 secs. The low retention affects your watch time.

Our best possible advice in connection with this is to make certain your title, thumbnail, and description accurately reveal what’s from the video. Your current views may go straight down, but your general watch time (that is a lot more important metric) will boost.

Are you experiencing any tips according to your YouTube practical experience? Let us know within the comments!