Get noticed on Instagram and Start Earning Money from the Application

Twenty years ago we could barely imagine having cell phones that are able to connect with people no matter their location easily. If you are old enough probably you remember the first mobile phones which were as big as a brick and the only thing people were capable of doing with their cell phones was actually to call someone.

Now things are not the same at all. We are using our mobile phones to text, watch videos or even movies, be informed of everything that is happening all over the world at present, listen to music and we can say in two words that mobile phones invaded our lives drastically. And of course, with all the technological advancements, new ways of communication appeared – social media platforms.

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Let’s take the mobile application as an example. The social platform has risen to become one of the most popular social media networks at the moment. It allows you to connect with your friends no matter in which point of the world they are, to advertise your business in a global perspective, to share your best moments with your family and friends, captured in a picture and the best thing is that you can do all of these and many more by only using on your phone.

In fact, many people are already earning lots of money owing to Instagram. Brands and companies started to invest lots of funds in order to promote their businesses. Many people now became influencers and they are working together with brands to popularize products because now Instagram is one of the best advertising methods. So in this article, we will check some methods that could be really useful if you want to improve your page and start earning money from it.

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Choose the niche you want to succeed with. The main purpose of many users is to gain as many followers as possible. However, not only the count of the followers is important but also a certain kind of followers. For example, if you are a traveler you should focus on gaining followers that are interested in this niche as you. If you are a make- up artist – the targeted audience should be engaged with make-up. So in order to manage to develop your page correctly, choose your niche and target the right audience. Doing this on Instagram can be a little tricky, especially at first, but sites such as can help you gain traction.

Upload your best images. Browse through the list of people that you follow. Unless they are your friends’ accounts or some celebrities, probably most of the accounts you are following, you choose to follow them because you like the content they are sharing. So if you want to keep your followers and even gain more, make sure that the images and videos you are uploading are interesting and unique. This way your pictures would be valued and would gain many likes.

Publish Instagram stories. The key to building a loyal and engaged audience is definitely the usage of the Instagram tool – story. This is an ideal method to share content and to reach many new audiences that can become your followers. Moreover, if you are a verified account or you have more than 10 000 followers, you can put a clickable connection to your website and you will get more traffic on it.

If you start using some of the tips we mentioned in this article, you will create an attractive account and also you will become a part of the Instagram community that is earning money thanks to the social platform.

 Some tools and features you might not be aware of on Instagram

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Beyond uploading selfies and scrolling through your newsfeed, there are plenty of different things you can do on the social platform. In fact, Instagram is one of the easiest platforms to use, but there are also many things that people are not aware of, however these features are able to bring you even more benefits from the usage of Instagram. In fact there are already around 1 and a half billion active users on Instagram from all around the world and it is gaining more popularity every day.

This creative social media allows us to share our priceless memories with our family and friends and also to be in touch with the latest trends from their beginning. That is why we decided to combine and share the best features that provides but you may not hear of yet. If you want to be aware of all the tools and features Instagram allows you to use ,continue reading this piece of article.

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  1. You are able to clear your search history. Instagram is full of topics and items you can search for. However you might find some of your searches a bit embarrassing and you might not want your friends to see the topics, hashtags or people you are searching for. Guess what, you can clear all of your search histories. To do that, navigate to your Instagram profile, then open the Settings menu and select the tab “Security”.It would lead you to a screen that is called “ Clear Search History” Select that option and your search history would be erased.  Look how easy it is to get rid of all the awkward things you were searching for. Keep in mind that if you choose to clear your search history would delete all of this information, so be sure of your decision before you make it.
  2. Get notifications when some of your favorite people you follow on Instagram publish a post. If there are  Instagram accounts whose publications you do not want to miss, you are able to turn on and get notifications every time some of these accounts publish something. In order to get the notification , go to the accounts you want to be in touch with all the time, then click on the section that is called “Following” There would appear a dropdown menu from which you can select the option to receive a notification every time when this person is publishing something.  If you want to get rid of seeing a person’s publication you can simply turn off the notifications by following the same steps that we mentioned.
  3. You can make your Instagram posts more interesting to others. You can publish Instagram stories or publications and you can put interesting emojis, stickers or gifs.However, the secret of growing your Instagram account quickly is to use hashtags. Of course, there are easy ways of growing your account like buying real followers on Instagram, but if you use the right hashtags you would have many more new activities on your Instagram page.
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In the last few years, Instagram is much more than an ordinary platform for sharing pictures and videos. The application is full of opportunities that can be really useful for every user on the platform. Many people are actually earning lots of money thanks to. However, before you start earning money from the platform you should be sure that your account is capable of earning money. You should engage your audience, have many followers and likes and keep the balance between these two factors. However if your publications don’t receive lots of likes, you can always buy likes for your images on Instagram. from sites like this