How to Get Rid of Used Furniture

Whether you like it or not, you’ll have to get rid of your pieces of furniture at some point. Like any other item made by man, furniture doesn’t last forever. And when it finally degrades, you’ll need to settle on the best furniture removal technique.

Luckily for you, there are tons of ways you can use to discard furniture. We will discuss most, if not all, of them, are here for you. Before you take up a rushed decision like taking it to a landfill or dump, read through the following furniture removal options first.



For sure, the donation is one of the best means of discarding pieces of used furniture. Many people use donations for furniture removal due to its simplicity. Is this something that you have no use for anymore? So donation is perhaps the most feasible avenue.

Think about it – there are tons of charitable organizations that are ready to take that old sofa from your house. Instead of staying inside your premises and taking up unnecessary space, it’s better to donate.

Besides, some donation groups will even come and take the item, however bulky it is. This saves you the cost of hiring a furniture removal company to haul the item away. Furniture is typically heavy, and getting an easier option at disposal like this one can go a long way.

Sell or Trade


Due to the wizardry of technology, you can sell almost anything online today. Through sites such as craigslist and the rest, you can find willing buyers for your furniture. Besides, every time you discard furniture by taking it to the dump, you’re adding to the waste that’s in the world.

That old recliner you see as a trash can be exactly what someone is looking for. If you don’t want to use websites such as craigslist, you can take advantage of your social media network to market the piece of furniture. You might be surprised to see that your friend or relative has been eyeing the piece for a while.

Again, selling a piece of furniture isn’t the only option. Choose to trade it in with something else instead. For instance, someone may be looking for a sofa and has a television set. Both of you can exchange the items, in case their values match. This eliminates the hustle of struggling to sell an item. This is a great way of getting something you’ve always wanted, and participating in a circular economy.

Call a Furniture Removal Company


This is another great option to discard furniture. There are lots of furniture removal companies available and ready to help. However, you don’t just pick any. You’ll need to compare rates and policies when choosing a service. Check their websites, and if you have to, call them for extra information.

The good thing with hiring a furniture removal company such as JiffyJunk is that you get the service of pros. People who’ve been in the industry long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. They come equipped with all of the needed tools and know-how to use all of them. You’re not going to lift a finger during furniture removal. They’ll do all of the heavy liftings as you sit back, relax and watch. You can even go about the day’s activities and return to a clean and tidy home, free of the furniture junk.

No matter how long it would have taken you a week or several days to remove, furniture removal companies take hours. There’s also another positive aspect of hiring pros. You won’t have to foot any liability costs. For instance, if you hire quacks, the chances of them hurting themselves during furniture removal are high. And who do you think will take charge of the treatment bills and costs?

Take the Piece of Furniture to the Landfill


This should only come as the last resort – when you really have no other option. A landfill isn’t the best furniture removal technique in all honesty. First, the furniture is normally bulky. Therefore, you’ll need a significant amount of human labor to load the pieces in the truck for delivery to the landfill.

Besides, you’ll need to get a truck that’ll ferry the pieces of furniture from your house to the dump. This adds to the cost you’ll have on your plate. And don’t forget that in some towns, the landfill doesn’t take in bulky stuff like furniture.



If you can, then take the piece of furniture to your nearest recycling plant. This way, they can use it to make other useful items. If you can’t take it to the recycling plant yourself, then consider hiring a furniture removal company to do it for you.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best ways you can use to discard furniture. Of all, hiring a furniture removal company still remains the best option to pick.