Get Set and Get going! For 2019 is waiting for you

New Year 2019 is here and you might have already made plans to celebrate it thoroughly with friends and family. But that is not just to it. New Year is the first day of the Gregorian calendar and you get 365 new days to achieve whatever you want. So set some awesome goals and start chasing them with all the new energy you get!

Upgrade your Personal Life

It’s time to get rid of your phone for a while. That meeting or assignment make it wait. It doesn’t matter how many friends you already have. Discover some new friends this year. Meet your relatives. Sit down and have a healthy talk with your grandparents and/or parents. Know your neighbours. Go for a walk with them. Get in touch with life apart from your office or college. Make a goal to meet new and old people from your life every now and then.

Upgrade your health

If you are already a healthy person, inside-out, then no issues. Continue with that life. But seriously, all the people who are way too thin or way too fat, if you are waiting for some sign to start your healthy life, here it is! Forget all the past failed attempts. Now you are once again getting a chance to look like dashing John Abraham or attractive like Deepika Padukone, grab it.

Challenge yourself to achieve the streak to gain weight or lose those extra kilos. Based on your present condition, set some achievable and appropriate goals and work on them. You will thank yourself later!

Professional Upgrade

If you are not happy with your current job then it’s time to upgrade to a new one. Don’t hesitate. Don’t leave your current job yet. Give yourself a month’s time or six. Look for the job that suits you both in terms of passion and finance. Look what is needed for it and prepare accordingly. Try your best to get it. For long term achievements (like UPSC exam or other government jobs), make yourself a time-table and start following it religiously. Who knows maybe by this time next year you have either achieved your goal or at least gotten closer to it? Doesn’t that excite you?

Upgrade your Hobbies or at least start one

Many of us are so occupied with our professional and somewhat considerable personal life, we barely care about our own interests. Yes! We know it’s difficult to take out time for something trivial like a hobby in this busy adult life!

Who cares about your painting or garden? Right? Wrong! Your hobbies are exclusively to make you delightful. It doesn’t matter what others think of it. Take out at least an hour of your day or week. Go to dance classes or singing class or paint or cook or go cycling or gardening or DIY crafts or anything that you like. Just do it by yourself and for yourself.

There is more to New Year than drinking, or dancing in pubs. Give it a try! Happy New Year!