6 Ways to Get the Sons of Anarchy Biker Look – 2021 Guide

by Anite Allesis

Motorcyclists have always been considered fierce guys. Here we are talking more about those who do not see riding a motorcycle as a sport or a race but as a way of life. As the good weather comes, so do they begin to appear in packs like wolves. With its powerful machines, it attracts the eyes of passers-by, while engines roar along the road.

In addition to being recognizable by the fact that they usually choose engines such as chopper or Harley Davidson, what else characterizes them is the dangerous appearance? Well, let’s see how the “sons of anarchy” look are achieved.

Leather jacket

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This is the indispensable look of every real biker. In addition to protecting you from the wind, the jacket is one of the main clothing items that will indicate your lifestyle. What you can do is to stitch the emblem of your motorcycle club or skull, a symbol that bikers consider protection from death. In summer, you can replace the jacket with a leather vest that has the same effect and purpose.


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Yes, bikers love jewelry, especially rings. They usually choose silver, with motifs such as a skull, a cross (Eisternesch Kreuz), a stone ring, a snake, number 13, which you can see if you visit this website, and very often we will see those Harley Davidsons that indicate they glorify these powerful two-wheelers. Just as the skull has meaning, so does every other of these symbols, and we will mention some of them. In addition to looking dangerous, the snake symbolizes wisdom, temptation, and adaptability. Personalized rings are also very popular because they carry a message known only to you. The number 13 is seen by many as a bad number, and these “outlaws” who live on the edge of life see it as a warning that misfortune always lurks and that one must always be careful.


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Like jewelry, the belt is an accessory that contributes to the “bad guy” look. What kind of biker is it if there are no silver rivets or thorns on the belt? There are also those with large buckles that have some of the symbols mentioned in the jewelry section on them.

Biker helmets

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Yes, you have to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle, but it is also important to take care of your appearance. Bikers often choose retro helmets, ie German helmets that go perfectly with their appearance. The advantage of these helmets is that you can combine the sunglasses you want with it.

Long hair and beard

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Of course, this is not the rule, but if you are striving for a dangerous biker prospect, this way you will surely succeed in it! Bikers have always been considered hardened rockers and as you can see, the styles are identical. And how do you look dangerous if you are clean-shaven every day and if your hairstyle is perfectly trimmed and shaped?

Biker Code

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Physical appearance is not enough to achieve the look you want. You need to carry a special feeling in your soul and respect some of the most important rules in the world of bikers. Very often they are characterized as a pack that brings problems, but the reality is the opposite. Yes, bikers love beer (but who doesn’t?), they love loud music, and maybe even get into a fight if necessary, but above all, it’s important to note that those people are always willing to help.

You have heard of the 10 commandments of God. And have you heard of the 8 biker commandments?

Let’s go in order

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  • Don’t put up with things you don’t have to

This is the first precondition to becoming a real biker. Have your attitudes and let your deeds follow your words. Always be kind to children and women, because only then will you gain the respect and honor of others.

  • Never lie, deceive, and stole

Another way of saying this is always telling the truth. Bikers are always bad dirty and greasy guys in movies, but every real biker knows his word is informed. Your word is the only thing in this world that 100% belongs to you. Guard her with caution and be noble, for you are a true knight on the road.

  • Do not snitch

If you see injustice, fight it. Snitches are the lowest life form on the planet, right next to motor thieves.

  • Do not cry

No one respects even the will of the one who whines. Another way to think about this thought “Don’t make a big fuss about little things”, most of life’s small inconveniences end up on their own, whether you whine or not.

  • Never acknowledge defeat and never give up

Whether it’s a fight, a debate, or a business deal, no matter what the pleasure becomes, the biker never gives up.

  • Help others

When a brother or sister is broken down by the roadside, always stop and help them. Even as moral support, if that’s all you can provide, better than just passing by. Remember life is traveling, driving, and not getting to a destination. You’re already there. Let’s show the world that we are better than the image that accompanies us. Kindness costs nothing but gives you everything.

  • Keep to yourself

Do what you say you will do, but there when you say you will be. This is called integrity. This also applies to take a stand. As the song says, “You have to stand up for something or you’ll fall for anything.”

  • Life is not an exercise

Yes, this is not a costume rehearsal. This is life – go out and bite large pieces of it. You don’t have time to waste and bikers don’t stand and wait for the fun to come to their feet. You only live once. You can die tomorrow, thanks to a pensioner who fell asleep behind the wheel. Live now, get the most out of every moment.

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