Google Doodle Honors Indian Engineer M Visvesvaraya on His 157th Birth Anniversary

Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya is one of the most eminent and knowledgeable engineers that India has ever produced! M. Visvesvaraya is among the first few engineers who is recognized worldwide for his lifetime achievements and great engineering works. Known as the man of high principles and discipline, M. Visvesvaraya wasn’t just an engineer or dam builder. His excellence as a chief architect made the Krishna Raja Sagara dam possible! Today on his 157th birth anniversary, Google Doodle honors him for all his achievements!

The Father of Engineers in India: M Visvesvaraya’s 157th Birth Anniversary

We all celebrate 15th September each year as the Engineer’s Day which is actually the birthdate of the legendary engineer of all time M Visvesvaraya!! Google on this September 15 dedicated to making a unique doodle for giving a tribute to this legendary engineer on his 157th birth anniversary. Popularly known as the Father of Engineers in India, M Visvesvaraya not just inspires the young engineers of India but also engineers worldwide. Now, let’s take a look at all his lifetime achievements!

Major Works & Achievements of M. Visvesvaraya:

  • Born on September 15th of 1861, M Visvesvaraya started working as an assistant engineer in Mumbai’s Public Works Department (PWD) after completing his graduation in 1884. Later, he joined the Indian Irrigation Commission where he implemented a complex irrigation system in the Deccan area.
  • In 1895, he designed the waterworks of the Municipality of Sukkur and the system that he developed successfully prevented the wasteful water flow in dams.
  • During the 1900s, when Hyderabad was under the threats of heavy flood, he worked as a Special Consulting Engineer and tried to better the situation to the maximum of his potential.
  • As the Chief Engineer of Mysore, M Visvesvaraya worked for seven years in the state for its overall development.
  • He is best recognized for the construction of Krishna Raja Sagara Lake and dam which he constructed back in 1924. Even today, this dam is the main source of water for the nearby areas.
  • M Visvesvaraya was made the Commander of KCIE for his social contributions in 1915.
  • He received independent India’s greatest honor which is The Bharat Ratna back in 1955 for his great works in the field of engineering.
  • He holds many honorary doctoral degrees that he received from eight Indian universities.

The legacy of M Visvesvaraya’s achievements still continues:

M Visvesvaraya wasn’t just a man of high principles and values; he was dedicated towards his work. Hi did everything that he could for his profession and his country. Today, on his 157th birth anniversary, we should honor this great engineer of India with due respect like Google!

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