Drinking Green Tea To Stay Younger – Health Benefits Of Green Tea

by Darlene Beiner
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Green Tea To Stay Younger

There is no denying that Green Tea is actually the healthiest beverage we can drink of the entire World. Everyone says so, experts, long-time drinkers, scientists, doctors, and many more.

A single cup of Green Tea comes packed with antioxidants and nutrients which have amazing effects on your overall health. In addition, Green Tea is also filled with Bioactive Compounds which are great for you. This tea is just more than just a plain liquid.

A lot of the plant compound found on the Tea Leaves end up in the final tea bag, which contains several important nutrients. For example Polyphenols, that is very useful fighting inflammations and cancer.

There is also catechin, they are natural antioxidants that prevent cell decay and a host of other benefits. When these two compounds work together, they prevent the formation of free radicals in our bodies by protecting the cells and the molecules from any incoming damage.

But, above all compounds present in Green Tea, there is one that stands out the most, its name is Epigallocatechin Gallate, this the reason why Green Tea is so effective in preventing and managing certain diseases, in conclusion, this is the reason why green tea has all those amazing medicine properties.

Also, there are many minerals found in Green Tea, which are beneficial to your health. Make sure when you are buying Green Tea that you always aim for the higher quality brands, as they offer the most of these benefits, and unlike those low quality they aren’t flooded with fluoride excess.

Have you read that news were college kids are caught cheating because they use ADD Medicines during their exams and tests? And they always respond that those meds make them more intelligent? Well, if it is being smarter what you are aiming for, then, there is nothing better, more natural, and legal, than drinking Green Tea.

Green Tea does have a certain amount of caffeine which is a great stimulant to keep you awake, but not in high concentration as coffee does. But, how does that make you smarter?

Well, caffeine has the ability to block certain neurotransmitters in your head, like Adenosine, does, firing up does neurons and increasing the concentration of neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine and dopamine. In case you didn’t know, caffeine has been linked to several studies concluding improvement in several regions of our brains, like our mood, vigilance, and memory.

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