How to Grow Organic Instagram Followers: What I Studied from my Experience

Instagram has become one of the most important sales channels for ecommerce. The user base, the attractiveness and visual of the platform, combined with the excessive proximity and interaction that users show with the content, make it the perfect place to show all the lifestyle of your brand, and to be able to sell.

Instagram has gone from being a social network recognized worldwide for the photographs shared by its audience of approximately 2.5 billion users, to being an essential part of the digital marketing strategy of brands. In addition, Instagram offers facilities for companies that decide to have a presence on their network and advertise with them. For this reason, it is not surprising that you can have easy access to the statistics of your posts and campaigns, as well as the possibility of a very specific segmentation through Facebook Ads. If you are one of the people whose company or enterprise is not yet on this platform and you want to know its advantages and disadvantages to see if it is convenient for you to use it, you are in the right place.

If you want to know your target audience in a deeper way, you can do it through Instagram, as they use this platform to show their tastes, activities and lifestyle. This is how companies can have easy access regarding the location, behavior, beliefs and preferences of their potential customers. This little research that you can carry out is key to creating a more accurate profile of your type of consumer and you will have more accurate and precise ideas of how to reach them with your brand.

What did I do?


Since I am a psychopath and an ecommerce lover, I spent hours and days reading content, learning from the greats, and trying techniques and dirty tricks to increase love and followers on Instagram. All with a great purpose … to publicize the brand, sell, and make all the glasses in the world bottle!

I took all the tricks, apps and techniques that I have seen and left the best ones at your disposal. I assure you that you are going to love when you see how your fans start to grow, as well as the sales on Instagram.

Stealing your competition’s followers


Your competitors have already sweated it and risked their lives to get loyal fans. Let them continue to do the hard part. Now is when we can take advantage of its traction, and simply get its loyal followers, to show them something better … We! The likelihood of following these people, and that they will follow you back is potentially high, especially if you are related.

How to find the competition? Surely you have some Instagram accounts in mind when you think about your competition, related accounts or references (You know better than I who they are). But in addition, you can also use this luxury search engine. It’s called Websta. And it serves to find popular accounts by searching for keywords or Hashtags. Once you follow an account, Instagram shows you 3 more related accounts. It is an eternal cycle, there you have a lot of material. If we continue with the example of vegans. If we search for “Vegan” or “Vegan on Websta, a list of the most used Hashtags (which you should use) and popular accounts will appear.

Follow, Like, Comment – Repeat the Mantra


But I know what you’re thinking … I’m not willing (really, yes) to do this all day. Also doing it through Instagram sucks because it takes too long. But little friends. I have a potato that you will love. You can use an Instagram auto liker application. It is an application that bridges a group of people to follow and like each other. There are many applications of this kind but in my experience, Followers Gallery is the best. Just download the app from its official website:


Of course, I have my reasons, otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend Followers Gallery to you!

– You don’t have to pay a penny

Yes! You don’t have to pay a penny. This is a completely free application.

  • With Followers Gallery, you will only be dealing with organic followers and likes

This is due to the working principle of the Followers Gallery itself. With this application, your goal is to get as many coins as possible. The more coins you get, the more followers and likes are directed to your Instagram account. Coins are a medium of exchange for followers and likes. The more you follow and like the Instagram accounts of other Followers Gallery users, the more coins you will get. For the rest, you know the story. So every follower and like you get comes from the same activities you do. A simple concept, right?

  • Compatible with many devices

This application is compatible with iOS and Android devices, so it can be run by more than 90% of the mobile devices available in the market.

  • This application is very safe

To access the Followers Gallery you don’t need to log into your Instagram account. In other words, you don’t have to deliberately write down your password. This means that there is no chance for anyone behind Followers Gallery to hijack your Instagram account. Not only without login, but this application is also virus-free. You can download and install it without any worries.

  • No limits

Yes, there are no limits at all. The number of coins you collect is directly proportional to the number of follows and likes that you send to other user accounts. The more diligent you are, the faster you will grow your Instagram account. That’s it!

One thing is for sure, success is about consistency. If you do what is suggested above without consistency, you will not succeed. Conversely, if you do it all in earnest, growing your organic followers is a sure thing. Hopefully this article can provide a useful inspiration for you. Thanks for reading!