4 Best Hair Cutting Shears in 2023

You may think that being a hairstylist is easy, but there is nothing easy about this job. It can be very complicated to concentrate all the time, without a space for mistakes. The first problem after finishing your courses is to pick a hair cutting shears that suits you perfectly. These shears are your central tool, and it is very crucial to choose them carefully. In this text, you will found out more about the main characteristics that you should consider with choosing the right one for you. In the end, you will find a few shears that are proven to be good, and for more models, click here. That is not a complete list, but only a small number of very valuable shears that may help you with choosing yours.
There are many things that you should consider when buying your perfect shears and some of them are:

Shears type

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You can find three types of shears on the market, and it is essential to choose the right one. The purpose of thinning shears is removing bulk from a hairstyle. One side of them is a vertical razor, and the other one is a comb. Straight shears are those that you are using most often. They have two vertical blades, and you can use them for hair cutting. Many people call them just cutting shears. Blending or texturing shears are very similar to thinning shears, and you can use them to thicken the hair by removing a small amount of it.


When buying hair cutting shears, you should know that there are a total shear length and blade cutting length. The numbers are not very important, but the crucial thing is to check what size is best for you, considering the size of your hands. Once you find your perfect shears size, it is going to be much easier to buy the new shears.


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The most reliable materials for making hair cutting shears are cobalt alloy, stainless, and carbon steel. It is hard to say which one is the best, considering that any of them has flaws and advantages. Cobalt alloy is not very expensive, but it is not as strong as stainless steel. Carbon steel is very hard, but it can rust if you don’t dry it properly after use. Stainless steel is not rusting, but the blade made of it is not as sharp as the one made of carbon steel.

Types of blades

Haircutting shears can have three types of blades: convex, serrated, and beveled. The most expensive ones are those with convex edges. Shears with this type of razors are ideal for details and advanced techniques. For classic techniques, shears with beveled edges are the best choice. They are way cheaper than those with convex, and its blades are very sharp. If you are looking for a low-cost solution, the serrated edge is a good fit for you. They have an excellent comb design that prevents hair slip.


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Probably the essential characteristic is the price. Almost every time, the more expensive is better, but you should know that you can find a pair of good shears for a fair price. It mostly depends on what do you need your shears for, but if you need them for home usage, you can find them for about 40-50$. Professional shears can cost up to 500$.

If you are still not sure what shears are best for you, there are some of the most popular:

1. Kissaki Stainless Steel Swivel Hair Cutting Shears

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Those shears come from Japan, and the stainless steel material can guarantee a lifetime usage. They come in an attractive black color with red and golden details. The comfortable grip is sure with the rubber finger ring.

2. Feather No.65 Switch-Blade Hair Cutting Shears

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If you are looking for reasonable price shears, this is a suitable choice for you. You can find them in various sizes, and maybe the best thing is that you don’t need to sharpen your blades. The sharp razors are ideal for clean cuts.

3. JW Professional Shears Razor Edge Series

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It may sound like overreacting, but those are the shears you can use at your home, but also in the professional salon. You can adjust finger holes, and be sure that you won’t hurt yourself accidentally. With them, you can cut wet hair, as well as dry, since they have razors with convex edges. If we are talking about the price, those shears are very affordable, which makes them a top choice for home-usage.

4. Aerolite Swivel Hair Shears

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One of the most precise and the shears that allow you to make any trendy haircut are those. Their lightweight is reducing pain and tiredness while using them. The stainless steel convex blades can assure you that every cut will be perfect, and two-finger rings are perfect for every hand. Their balance is checking with new computer software, and you can certainly use them for a long time.