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Do you lead a Healthy Lifestyle? Check out 5 Habits that a Healthy Person should definitely have!

We all have only one life to lead. Why not lead our lives being as healthy as fit! Day by day, people are getting more conscious about their health. While many people believe they are leading a healthy lifestyle, they actually aren’t. Today we will look into 5 healthy habits that a healthy person should […]

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New study reports- Silent heart attacks make 45% of total myocardial infarction

As the term itself suggests,” silent heart attacks” do not show any serious indication on the outward body. Thereby, the patient remains clueless to his heart condition. This may later show the damage done to the heart during any routine ECG. According to a research, around 45% of the heart attacks are silent. This condition […]

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Good Health Equals to Good Life: Find Out the Real Meaning of Good Health

Someone has truly said: Good health is central and it’s equal to a good life! In today’s health-conscious world, people are more concerned about what is healthy and what’s not! Do you know what “health” actually means? It’s actually a state which affects our mental and physical well-being. It helps us in handling all our stress and anxiety […]

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Having a fresh and hygienic dinner is mandatory for all living beings. Dinner is necessary for having a satisfying and relaxing sleep. None of us likes to go to bed without having a tasty dinner. Breakfast might be the important meal of the day, but without having a satisfying dinner on the previous night, no […]