Hidden Spots Celebs Travel To So They Can Be Like Normal Persons

It’s rare to hear someone say they don’t want to be famous at some point in life, and although it’s hard to believe, this kind of lifestyle has its drawbacks. For the “average Joe,” being Madonna seems so great, but are celebrities always so satisfied with their success? I mean, there’s nothing wrong with being wealthy and recognized by the masses, but when it comes to recognition, is it optimal for your mental health that people follow you all the time?

If you’re even slightly interested in how celebrities live, you’ve probably already noticed that most of them are not very fond of paparazzi’s, or people running behind them all the time and begging for autographs. After all, the patience of a human being can only take so much.

In reality, celebrities often like to feel like regular people, not that they aren’t, but you get the idea. Every person alive needs some peace from time to time, so the famous often take a few measures to feel like “regulars” at least for one day. For all of us, it might not make any sense thinking this because we’d probably enjoy the attention way too much, but after years of experiencing that, you’d probably want to settle down a bit as well. Do you feel famous yourself? These are some of the places that celebrities use to “hide” from all the extra attention. Let’s take a look.

Eden Rock, St. Barth’s

Source: booking.com

Although it’s not the smallest location square foot-wise, it’s a popular safe spot for celebrities. It’s not that paparazzi don’t know about it, but it’s indeed quite difficult to get in unless you are on the list of elite guests. Eden Rock is a spot that got popular because of various reasons, one of which is the fact John Lennon recorded the world-famous “Imagine” in a studio located on these premises.

This small piece of paradise grasped the attention of Mick Jagger, John Lennon, and Tom Hanks in the past, which is more than enough of what it takes to spike up its reputation. Ever wondered why successful people hide? Socialyy.com is a site that explains this in detail.

Hotel Lone, Rovinj, Croatia

Source: booking.com

It’s like a private rehab center with the most aesthetic design that you’ve ever seen. It includes so many cool things such as a gym, spa, an elite restaurant, a place where you can sunbathe, and all the other things that a celebrity needs. On the outside, this place looks like a colossal ship anchored on a beach full of beautifully-looking trees.

Frankly, this place is known to be a hotspot for celebrities, but for some reason, many of them find it to be their perfect safe-spot. Gwyneth Paltrow and Naomi Watts are just some of the famous people who visited Hotel Lone. Croatia has many beautiful things to offer, and this particular hotel is not the only place where celebrities enjoy going. But, it’s one of the safest when it comes to avoiding the attention, which is why it’s the choice of many.

Mykonos Grand, Greece

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Greece is very famous for some of the most beautiful islands that it has, and when it comes to these, Mykonos deserves a spot on the list. There are numerous hotels and resorts spread across this small piece of heaven, but not so many people on it, and not a lot of paparazzi’s. Numerous celebrities visited Mykonos in the past, and you’re probably very familiar with their names. Mariah Carey, Hugh Jackman, and Leonardo DiCaprio are considered regulars here.

This particular island has a specific look due to the whitewashed walls and the unique architecture, giving you the real feeling of Greece and its amazing culture. If you want some more fun, cocktail bars are available across the entire place.

Fairmont Chateau Whistler, British Columbia

Source: inspiringtravelcompany.co.uk

Now, this list cannot be complete without adding a snowy destination, so Fairmont Chateau Whistler has to be on it. Sunbathing is pleasant, but many of us are born in winter or at least enjoy winter a bit more than summer. Many celebrities say that this is the perfect place for creating some breath-taking photographs for your Instagram profile, or if you’re not very keen on using social media, you can add these to your memory album. It’s an outstanding location for a honeymoon as well.

In the past, Justin Timberlake, Heidi Klum, and Queen Latifah visited this place, some of them by car, others by landing there with a helicopter. It’s truly a location that looks like something out of a movie. Here you can do all of your favorite winter activities such as skiing and a lot more. Even if you decide never to leave your room, you’ll still have a great time enjoying the landscape and finding some peace at last.

Giri Residence, Ibiza

Source: surviveibiza.com

Last but not least, The Giri Residence on Ibiza is a spot where you can get a lot of privacy and fun at the same time. If you’re a person who likes to party, the odds are you’ve thought at least once about visiting Ibiza, and we can’t blame you for it since it’s the party capital of our planet.

The Giri Residence offers a great mix of nature and comfort, and most importantly, a lot of quietness. Celebrities choose this destination because it’s rarely ever invaded by paparazzi’s, but it’s still not a spot located in the middle of nowhere. Jade Jagger and Kate Moss were spotted here numerous times, and by the looks of this, they enjoyed it quite a lot.
Ibiza allows you to party like it’s the last time you’ll ever do it, but it has quiet and tranquil locations as well, making it the perfect mix for those who can afford it.


It’s difficult for an average person to understand why celebrities like to hide from the cameras now and then, but once you take a look at these mind-blowing locations, you’ll probably pick it up pretty quickly. As you can see from the content above, numerous beautiful locations across our world are not that famous, allowing celebrities to find some privacy when the time for it comes. The other great thing about our list is that it will serve you as a map if you ever manage to become a superstar yourself.

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