5 Things To Look For When Hiring A Moving Company During The Fall

What many people don’t know is that autumn, just like spring – can be the ideal time of year if you’re planning to move. From perfect temperatures to slightly lower costs according to professional moving agencies. However, autumn can sometimes surprise you with rain, wind, or lower temperatures. Therefore, you first need to find a good moving company that will make this job easier for you. We’ll list 5 things you need to pay attention to when hiring a moving company during the fall.

It All Depends On The Choice Of The Moving Company

Moving can be a very difficult job. It requires full concentration and attention when packing, transporting – and even stacking things in a truck. In the movies, it looks easy and simple – a pair of large cardboard boxes and furniture goes directly into the van, and that’s it. Everything is ready to move to a new location of living and it seems without any stress. However, in real life – it is much different.  In modern life, where every average person owns countless valuable little things – moving must be carefully planned and performed. People who do transport, moving, and packaging must express certain virtues – such as care and attention. And above all, they have to leave the impression of a professional at work. When you set things up, you may have the impression that all this is too much work for you to relocate – but if you hire the right moving company, we are sure we will convince you otherwise.

The most important thing when moving is that everything is under control – and that the employees of the moving company know how to manage the situation and coordinate. There should be no surprises, even in the fall when the weather is unpredictable.

Choose Convenient Moving Time

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Everybody knows that moving is a strenuous, stressful, and difficult task, and if you’re moving in the cold or heat – there seems to be nothing worse than that. Therefore, autumn is the season that provides a pleasant compromise between winter cold and summer heat. This will make the whole relocation process a much more enjoyable experience. Due to the mild temperatures, you won’t have to worry about colds or excessive sweating. However, autumn can also surprise you with rain, wind, changes in temperature, and similar things. Therefore, one should be careful when choosing a moving company as well as other things to think about. You have to be prepared for all scenarios.

Moving During The Fall

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Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons. In those months, we are ready for work and changes in our lives after summer vacation and break. The children are especially excited because school is starting, and many holidays are slowly approaching. But they are all autumn spells. The beginning of autumn means the beginning of a new life for many, so many people decide to move during September and October.

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5 Things To Look For When Hiring A Moving Company

1. Rain And Wind? Provide Yourself With “Enclosed” Transport

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Moving in cold weather can be dangerous. Temperatures are low, it’s raining – and sometimes you may even be surprised by the appearance of early snow or frost. What is mandatory is that when hiring a moving company, you determine that they have the so-called enclosed transport. We mean the vehicles that are closed – and that will adequately secure the things you are transporting to another location. For moving in cold weather, we recommend van transport. Van transport is much smaller and lighter than truck transport, so driving it is somewhat safer.

2. Make Sure You Have A Professional Driver

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Only a safe driver is even more important than safe transport. During relocations, you can easily find yourself in a nervous disorder, because everything can go unplanned. Relocations are exhausting and there is no point in lying about it. For this particular reason, we recommend you to leave the transport to professionals. Drivers in professional moving agencies have many years of experience in transporting goods and furniture, on longer and shorter distances – and in all climate conditions. In addition to drivers, there are certainly the workers who work on moving, packaging and loading, etc.

3. Plan Carefully Your Moving If The Weather Is Cold

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Cold weather relocations need to be planned a little more carefully than summer relocations for example. If it is a long-distance, we advise you to start preparations at least a week before moving. Check the weather forecast, monitor road conditions, and news. Take the warm clothes you have before you pack them. Take care of your health, because it is the most important, and the last thing you need is to catch a cold during the move. Provide a parking space as close as possible to the entrance to your new home because it is much harder to carry things by hand during cold days than during spring and summer.

4. Pack Things Carefully

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Packing things can be a tedious job. All items in your residential or commercial space will be professionally packaged if you hire a professional team of a moving agency. They will use the most modern packaging methods and materials that are produced today. For your valuables to be safely transported to your new home or business premises, we also need consumables – that allow us to maximally protect belongings from possible damage. This is especially important during cold autumn days. So make sure you provide these things for your fall move as well:

  • Three-layer and five-layer cardboard for protection of sensitive pieces of furniture.
  • Soft cardboard for protection of technical devices, mirrors, and other more sensitive objects.
  • Bubbles foil to protect delicate kitchen utensils.
  • Wrapping paper that will be used to pack each box. It is also used to protect kitchen utensils, decorations, appliances, etc.
  • Stretch foil that will protect furniture from dirt, moisture, and damage.

5. Dry Your Things From Moisture

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Once you have packed all your belongings, you should provide them with additional protection from moisture – that can be caused by rain or low autumn temperatures. Therefore, the use of desiccants and dehumidifiers is recommended. These means are easily available and can be purchased. They don’t cost much, and they can mean a lot to you. Simply put one or two moisture absorbers in the boxes with things. These dehumidifiers will absorb moisture – the boxes with things will stay dry and things will be stored in them. This is especially important to know if you are moving during a rainy day – or in case you plan to put your things in boxes somewhere for a long time.


As we have already said, autumn should not limit us. However, there are also some extreme situations, such as strong winds and extreme rains. If this is the case, it is important to have reliable associates. So hire a moving company with a lot of experience in moving in cold weather and professional drivers who manage in all weather conditions.